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Image of Speedomiter for bike lanes map


TxDot and EPDOT Bike Lanes map. Users can type their address to search for bike lanes available in their area

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City Facility Viewer

City Facility

A master view of city related services, projects, and locations

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City Maintained Streets Icon

City Maintained

View which streets are maintained by the city or state, and what district streets fall under.

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Community Gardens


Potential gardening opportunities for residents.

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Image of WiFi sign for free WiFi map

Digital El Paso

Find Free WIFI hotspots provided by the City of El Paso

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Image of Map Locations for districting map


City Representatives District Map. Users can type in their address to find their current representative and district number

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Building Icon


View land information to help your business.

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Image of coins for Empowerment Zone Small Business Loan Eligibility Map

Empowerment Zone Small Business Loan Eligibility

Empowerment Zone Small Business Loan (0-3-5%APR) Eligibility Map with address search. Enter business address to determine if eligible to apply.

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Image of Cloud for Flood Zone map


Current and proposed flood zones. Users can search for flood zone areas

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Healthy Food Access Map

Healthy Food
Access Map

View connections between neighborhoods, grocery stores, and transit

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Image for Neighborhood association maps


Neighborhood Associations map with address search. User can input their address to see if it falls within a Neighborhood Association

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Image of printer for Pdnmapa datasets map


Download datasets from regional agencies, download and print maps in pdf or jpg format, use interactive app of regional map

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Image of hammer and wrench for planning zoning map


Planning layers (zoning, cloth maps, legal non-conforming, etj, general and future land use, etc) plus address search and identify tool

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Image for registered tattoo and body art studio map

Registered Tattoo
Body Art Studios

The El Paso City Council recently approved revisions to existing ordinances that regulate tattoo and body art within the city limits

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Image for Sex Offenders residence ordinance maps

Sex Offenders
Residence Ordinance

El Paso Police Dept. Sex Offenders Residence Ordinance Map with address search

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Image of coins for Triz Map


Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 5 boundary with address search and downtown investment points with informative popup

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Image of trash can for trash/ recylceable schedule

Trash / Recyclables
Collection Schedule

City of El Paso Environmental Services trash and recycling schedule

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Image of spray can for vecor control


Vector Control activities, to include mosquito fogging and trapping. View vector control activities in your area

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Image of Yeild sign for West Nile virus map

West Nile

View a map, table, and bar graph of West Nile Virus human infections from 2009 to present

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Image of trash can for trash/ recylceable schedule

Waste Container

Trash cans with advertising on public right of ways

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Electric Vehicle
Charging Station

City-owned and Third-party Electric vehicle Charging Stations

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Image of Map Locations for districting map

Stay cool, stay safe!

Locate covered bus stops, cooling centers, community clinics, and first aid locations to be prepared in the high heat of summer

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