Ethics Line / Fraud Hotline 

Click here to anonymously report unethical activity to the EthicsLine                        (Informacion en Español)

If you ever have a concern about unethical, illegal or irresponsible activity, don’t keep it to yourself. 
Report it! Discuss it with a manager or supervisor.

If you are not comfortable discussing the issue with your manager or supervisor, report it anonymously through the EthicsLine online reporting tool or by calling 866-614-9688. Calls are not recorded or traced and you may remain anonymous.

Reportable violations include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Falsification of documents
  • Overstating travel expense reimbursement claims or submitting false claims
  • Unauthorized P-Card purchases
  • Theft of City assets
  • Using City resources or supplies for personal use
  • Inappropriate use of computer systems, equipment, telephones, etc.
  • Conflict of interest issues
  • Extorting money or accepting favors/kickbacks from contractors, clients, or vendors
  • Failing to follow state or federal laws, applicable rules, regulations, City policies & procedures
  • Violating contract or grant procedures
  • A substantial and specific danger to public/employee health or safety 


Intergrity in Action (English)              Integrity in Action (Spanish)

When contacting the EthicsLine Hotline, please provide the following information:

  • Details of your issue or concern
  • The names of all individuals involved (if possible)
  • The dates/times of the incident(s) and where it/they occurred
  • Any other information that would assist the investigation


Make the Right Decision. Speak up about unethical or illegal acts. (click here)