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There are two volunteer categories: First, Museum Marketing & Events and Department Volunteers and Second, Guided-Tour Programs Volunteers or Docents. Please review the descriptions of the opportunities in the two categories below to determine to which area you would like to apply. The descriptions provide a broad overview of the responsibilities and time commitment required by each. If you have any questions about these positions, or would like more information about a specific volunteer opportunity, please feel free to email Ms. Jaime Knoedler at All volunteers are encouraged to become Members of the Museum.


Museum Marketing & Events and Department Volunteers work individually or in groups, performing a variety of duties throughout the Museum in weekday and weekend positions.

Marketing and Events Volunteers
Volunteers work alone or in groups, performing a variety of duties throughout the Museum, such as exhibit openings, members’ events, lectures, kids’ events, workshops, etc. These events are usually held during the weekends. Also, may be attending outside of the Museum events such as expos and summits to promote the museum. The time commitment varies, depending on the amount of scheduled events (a typical shift is four to five hours a week on a year-round basis).

Membership Volunteers
Volunteers help keeping track of memberships, entering into computer database and sending memberships by mail. They work one two-hour shift each week, year-round, either during the week or on weekends. Volunteers in this role must have excellent communication. Computer proficiency is required, and familiarity with a fund-raising database is preferred.

Department Volunteers
Department Volunteers work alone or in groups, performing a variety of duties in departments throughout the Museum, such as TouchCity 3-D Digital Wall, Curatorial and Education. They are needed for weekday and weekend positions, year-round. The time commitment varies, depending on the demands of the particular department and position (a typical shift is four to five hours a week on a year-round basis).


The El Paso Museum of History recruits and trains volunteers for the Museum's Guided-Tour Programs, designed to serve the needs and interests of our diverse visitors, from elementary school children to adults. No prior history background or work experience is required to volunteer; however, those wishing to volunteer in the Guided-Tour Programs should be comfortable working and communicating with the public. Volunteers for these positions undergo extensive, rigorous training to achieve the highest standards of content and presentation. The Guided-Tour Program activities follow the academic calendar from September through June, and require availability throughout that period.

All accepted applicants for Guided-Tour Programs or Docents are required to attend intensive training and meetings held the last Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Museum. The training will concentrate on the history of El Paso and it applies to the Museum's collections, as well as on presentation skills, research techniques, and you have to learn the museum mission, vision, direction and current activities (very basic).

Volunteers are responsible for extensive research and preparation for their weekly tours. Volunteering in the Museum's Guided-Tour Programs requires a high degree of motivation and dedication, and a minimum commitment of at least one year. The experience is highly rewarding.

Please read the descriptions of the following programs to determine to which program you would like to apply.

School Program Volunteers
School Program Volunteers serve students visiting the Museum for group tours. Candidates with a teaching background are preferred. School Program Volunteers serve at least one hour a week during the school year, depending on the demands of tours in the Museum.

Guided Highlights Tours and Zip Tours
Volunteers in this program conduct regularly scheduled one-hour Highlights Tours designed to give visitors a general introduction to the Museum's collections. Also, offering Zip Tours which are held during lunch hour with tour duration of half hour. Some of these tours are given in English and others in Spanish. 


Only those who submit an application will be considered for placement. The application requires a personal statement expressing why you wish to volunteer at the El Paso Museum of History, and what interests, skills, and experiences you would bring to the position (maximum 250 words).

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and remain on file for two years.

For each of volunteering categories, a City of El Paso Application form is needed, and finger print–check.

Download Volunteer Application / Waiver


For more information, please call 915-351-3588 and to submit your application email Ms. Jaime Knoedler at


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