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  • Discounts for all classes, workshops and fee-based programs
  • One-year newsletter subscription
  • Recognitions in the Museum newsletter
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Recognition on the Museum Donor Wall
    (for donations of $250 or more)
Membership Levels
•  $15 Student
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•  CORPORATE   -   10% discount on facility rental, benefits for employees, 2 tickets to annual event
•  CONTRIBUTOR   -   complimentary copy of 1 museum publication, option to pay in installments
•  ADVOCATE   -   your name listed on Museum Donor Wall, your name listed in annual report

$1M Naming Opportunity
Directly Across from the New Ballpark
Raising $1,000,000 for a 2,500 sq. ft. Glass Structure to House the TouchCity 3-D Digital Wall
How difficult can it be? Actually, it is very difficult, at least for the Museum of History. But it shouldn’t be. A million dollars for a good cause should come easy to some. The challenge is in the communication. To quote Led Zeppelin, “Communication Breakdown, It's always the same, I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insaaaane!” Well, it isn’t that bad, but it almost is. The Museum of History will soon begin building the second 3-D Digital Wall in the world. The first is in Copenhagen, DK. Ours will be the first in the United States. That is something for El Paso to be proud of and something for El Paso to brag about. It is a beautiful 40’ long Wall made up from four giant plasma touch-sensitive screens. It stands more than six feet tall. It is beautiful. El Paso is well deserving of this modern technological marvel. We want it to be outdoors where everyone passing by, whether walking or driving, will see it. We want to enclose it in the most beautiful glass structure El Paso, maybe the entire southwest, has ever seen. The building it itself would be a visitor destination. To top it off, it will be directly across from the new ballpark.

The Wall will host thousands of digital images and accompanying text that will reveal the many stories of El Paso and the border region. It will be the Digital Gateway to our history. It is the most important piece of technology to every come to El Paso. We want this beautiful glass structure to be named after a community member or business. It will also serve as the finest ballroom in El Paso. Can you imagine hosting your wedding or business function in the finest structure in the region? It would always be referred to as, The “Your Name” Welcome Center. “Where is your wedding reception going to be?” “At the “Your Name” Center. This is a fantastic opportunity. Please call me, Jim Murphy, at the museum to make both our dreams come true: (915) 351-3588.
CHANGE: Our Promise to Our Membership
Sometimes institutions forget to cater to the most important people of all; their members. In our case, it isn’t that we’ve forgotten our members, but we aren’t holding to our commitments we promised you when you became a member. We are obligated to send you advance notice of openings, exhibitions, special events, upcoming education programs, and museum store sales. We are also supposed to let you know that there are discounts available for all classes, workshops, and fee-based programs, and, that you receive a 10% discount every day at our store. We do deliver on our promise of a newsletter, the History Hub, twice a year and your recognition in the newsletter. We don’t reach out to you offering volunteer opportunities very often, if at all. Instead, behind the scenes, we hope you will continue to provide us with your support even though we have broken several promises. It’s just not right.

Our NEW promise to our members is to follow through on our end of the agreement. There is no reason why that should be a problem. We appreciate your membership. We have accomplished so much with your contributions. You have saved the museum several times. Thank you.
SUCCESS! The Ysleta Mission Door Conservation Project
With your help and the help of the Institute of Museum of Library Services and Bank of America the museum accomplished a huge goal this past year. We were able to raise enough funds to conserve a 330 year-old door from the museum’s permanent collection that originally came from the Ysleta Mission. The door is currently on display on the 2nd floor in the Wall of Giants exhibit: The Missions and Their People.
Where Your Contribution Dollars Go…
Membership dollars and general donations fund so many of our projects. As many of you may not realize, since we are a City of El Paso museum, the City graciously pays for staff salaries and facility upkeep. The great majority of additional funding comes from grants and contributions from individuals like you. What the Museum spends your money on:

Speaker honorariums, technology upgrades, gallery display materials and opening receptions, marketing design and printing costs, and education and office supplies.
Contact Jim Murphy, Director of Development, for information on the various ways in which you can support the Museum at or 915-351-3588.
Recent Awards
  • $15,000 St. Regis Airport Properties for Polo real
  • $10,000 Western Refining for Bussing and student admission to the Mayan Medallion Exhibition
  • $4,000 Porsche Club of El Paso for Polo Real
  • $2,500 El Paso Community Foundation for general student bussing
  • $2,500 Bank of the West for the El Paso Mayor’s Exhibit
  • $2,500 Cemex for the El Paso Mayor’s Exhibit
  • $2,500 Francis Properties for the El Paso Mayor’s Exhibit
  • $2,000 El Paso Electric for Polo Real
  • $1,500 Shamaley Ford for Polo Real
  • $1,500 Sunlight Enterprises Company for Polo Real
  • $1,000 Bank of the West for Polo Real
  • $1,000 Johnson Jewelers for Polo Real
  • $1,000 Wells Fargo for student admissions
Wish List
  • $1,000,000
Recent In-Kind Donations
  • $7,000 EP Times
  • $6,730 DSTP Motorsports
  • $4,000 ICON Magazine
  • $4,000 Chick-fil-A / Food
  • $3,600 Johnson's Jewelers
  • $3,600 Clear Channel Radio
  • $900 Eleven-Ivy
  • $500 Megan Hoover
  • $500 Elite Equestrian Emporium
  • $500 EP Art Company
  • $385 Airline International Baggage
  • $325 Danielle Rondelez-Rangel
  • $300 Angie's Flowers
  • $200 Ruidoso Resort
  • $200 Academy Sports
  • $150 Nono’s
  • $150 Home Depot
  • $150 Pepsi
  • $120 Inn of the Mountain Gods
  • $75 Costco
  • $40 Coffee Emporium
  • $22 Jim Murphy


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