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Criteria for Scheduling
Consideration of each request is based upon the timing of the event in relation to the Museum’s activities and other events, the ability of the Museum staff to accommodate the intended use, and the suitability of the event with regard to the safety and security of the facility and its contents.
General Policies for Events
Requests for the use of the Museum facility must be made to the Museum, at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed event.  The earlier such a request is made, the more likely the event can be accommodated.
If the event is approved by the Museum Director, the Museum will draw up a contract for Licensee signature and submit to the City Attorney’s Office.
Licensee may not use the name of the El Paso Museum of History in connection with the event except as the location, without the express written consent of the Museum.  Advertising and publicity naming the El Paso Museum of History as the location may not begin until the event is contracted.  Invitations and all published materials pertaining to all events must be approved by the Museum prior to printing.
Safety and Security
The safety of visitors and collections will not be compromised for any event.  At least one member of the Museum’s security staff must be present for all events; additional security staff may be required at the sole discretion of the Museum (for an additional fee) in proportion to the spaces to be used and the number of participants expected.  Licensee and participants must immediately comply with all instructions of the Museum staff regarding safety and security.  Museum security is authorized to expel individuals who violate Museum policies.
Physical preparations for the event must be approved in advance.  Museum fixtures or objects are not to be moved by anyone except Museum personnel.  The Licensee may not install decorations except under the direct supervision of a member of the Museum staff.  All decorations must be free standing; nothing may be affixed to the walls, fixtures, or Museum objects.  All decorations should be flameproof.
Food and Beverage
If food or beverages are to be served at an event, all arrangements must be approved by the Museum in advance.  The Licensee is solely responsible for compliance with all Museum regulations regarding catering, food preparation, and beverage service.  The Licensee is responsible for kitchen staffing, the clean up of all kitchen and dining equipment, and removal of all food, beverages, supplies and equipment not owned by the Museum at the end of event.  The Licensee should consult with the Events Coordinator for assistance in these arrangements.  No food/beverages allowed in galleries.
  • The use of any type of fire or flame is prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted only with the approval of the City Manager and with indemnification coverage and liability insurance coverage.
  • All other facilities not listed in the contract are excluded from use.
  • Access to offices and equipment is not permitted. 
  • Equipment and supplies to be provided by the Licensee must be approved in advance by the Museum. 
  • All items, not belonging to the Museum, must be removed by the Licensee immediately after the event or as scheduled with the Museum staff. 
  • The Licensee will be financially responsible for any damage to Museum property.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Museum building or on Museum grounds.
  • Photography is allowed only in accordance with the Museum’s written policies.


Liability insurance (indemnification coverage) must be obtained in accordance with City Regulation. The Licensee must elect to be covered by liability insurance obtained by the City for events at the Museum by paying to the City the prorated share of the premium for such insurance.  Such prorated premium shall be at the following rates:  events with 1-150 attendees -- $52.80 per day, events with 151-500 attendees -- $88.00 per day, events with 501-1500 attendees -- $173.80 per day and events with 1500-2000 attendees --$198.00 per day.  Coverage for an additional named insured, if requested, will require an additional fee of $52.80 per named insured.  Payment shall be made with, and in addition to, the contracted fee.
Parking for events at the Museum is available at the El Paso Convention Performing Arts Center, the Union Plaza Parking Garage and the Camino Real for a fee.  The Museum has no control over the availability of parking spaces or enforcement of parking regulations.
All areas of the Museum building are accessible to persons with physical disabilities with entrance and exit through front door only.   
  • A 10% discount applies to rental fees for EPMH Members at the $1,000 and up level.
  • A 20% discount applies to rental fees for Not-For-Profit [501(C)3] organizations.
  • All arrangements for third party services (caterers, entertainers, florists, etc.) must be approved by the Museum.
  • No commercial sales, trade shows, rites of passage, political or religious programs or activities, including wedding ceremonies or receptions are permitted in the Museum’s facilities.
  • Dancing is not permitted.
  • No fund-raising / ticketed programs or activities are permitted in the Museum’s facilities, other than programs or activities to raise funds to support the Museum and its various functions.
  • Invitations and all published materials pertaining to events must be approved by the Museum prior to printing to ensure that there shall be no sponsorship, affiliation or approval, expressed or implied, of Museum by the user.
  • Security for events after Museum hours will be payable by the Licensee.
Questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Museum at 915-351-3588.


1. Rental fee shall be paid in full to the Museum eight (10) days prior to date of event or event will be cancelled.
2. Rental fee does not include additional fees for Museum personnel and/or furniture and equipment rentals.
3. Rental hours include setup and tear-down time.
4. Overtime charges will be applied to all events extended beyond the agreed rental hours on the contract.  
5. Cancellations within 48 hours prior to the event will incur a 25% charge of total rental fee to the Licensee.
1st floor orientation theatre or comparable space   $150 for up to 4 hrs     $275 for up to 8 hrs.
1st floor seminar room or comparable space   $150 for up to 4 hrs     $275 for up to 8 hrs.
1st floor classroom or comparable space   $100 for up to 4 hrs     $175 for up to 8 hrs.
2nd floor board room or comparable space   $150 for up to 4 hrs     $275 for up to 8 hrs.
2nd floor classroom or comparable space   $100 for up to 4 hrs     $175 for up to 8 hrs.
1st floor lobby or 2nd floor lobby or comparable space   $500 for up to 4 hrs     $950 for up to 8 hrs.
Outdoor Garden Terrace or comparable space   $500 for up to 4 hrs     $950 for up to 8 hrs.
  • $2 each chair
  • $10 each rectangular table (6 people)
  • $12 each round table (9 people)
  • $6 each table cloth (white or black)
  • $12 podium
  • $50 sound system
  • $25 projector and screen on the wall  
  • $25 portable screen for projector
  • $25 TV
  • $25 DVD
  • $35 heater (4 hrs) $50 (8 hrs)
  • $30 staff person (1 hr)
  • $6 centerpiece
  • $12 silver desk used for a bar or registration


  1. Food staging area:  
    • For events in all areas of the Museum: 1st floor classroom
    • Area must be left clean of all trash and food
    • All trash/food must be removed immediately following the event
  1. Decorations: 
    • Self-standing only.  Balloons, candles, and open flames are prohibited.  Nothing may be attached to walls, stair railings, etc.
  1. You must bring: 
    • Tables for your staging area and for setting up food and beverages.
    • 2 extra butler trays with “jack stands” to put at either side of the gallery entrance  (No food or beverage is allowed in the galleries.)
    • Trash bags and food storage containers for all trash and leftover food. You are responsible for all trash removal to parking area trash receptacle.
  1. All deliveries of food, equipment, florals, etc. must be through the loading dock and security booth entrance.  The front doors to the Museum are for public and guest traffic only. 
  1. Your staff is responsible for the picking up and disposing of all glasses, plates, napkins left by guests.
  1. You may deliver your tables and equipment to the loading dock at anytime on event day.  However, set-up time must  be established with Museum Events Coordinator.  The set-up and tear-down of tables and chairs is your responsibility, unless rented through the Museum.  If you contract a rental company to deliver tables, chairs, etc., and the event ends too late for the contractor to pick up the rentals, pickup must occur the following day before noon.
  1. Set-up and tear-down of furniture and equipment must be done in a quiet and orderly manner.  Furniture must not be dragged across floor.
  1. Removal of equipment and cleanup is the responsibility of your catering staff and must be completed one hour after event end time.
  1. It is your responsibility to make your staff and all subcontractors aware of these guidelines.
  1. You (and the Licensee) assume all responsibility for any physical damages due to your set-up or tear-down.
To remain on the list of preferred caterers whose services make them appropriate for catering events at the Museum, you must follow these guidelines.  Failure to do so will result in a warning.  Continued failure will result in your removal from the recommended list.


The Museum observes a “No Flash Photography” policy for the galleries and exhibitions areas. The primary objective for this policy is to properly care for the Museum’s collections and to ensure visitor safety.  Flash photography is not allowed in the galleries in order to preserve the artifacts from undue exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light emitted by flashbulbs has a cumulative effect, which will damage pigments in paintings, works on paper, and other media.  Photography can also be restricted in the Museum to protect the copyrights of lenders and artists who may not wish their copyrighted work to be photographed.  It is the Museum’s public duty to respect this copyright protection.  Visitor and object safety must also be taken into account.  Requests may be made in writing to the Curator for photographs of specific objects in the Museum’s permanent collection.  These requests will follow the procedure and fee schedule in place for rights and reproduction.  Photography of the building exterior and the Cleveland Square Park is allowed.
The Museum does not allow photography in the galleries.  However, special considerations are made for members of the press and/or formal requests made in writing by interested parties.
Procedure for handling photography requests:
  1. All exhibits based on the Museum’s permanent collections may be photographed for noncommercial purposes using hand-held cameras without flash illumination.
  2. No photography of temporary exhibits is allowed without advance approval from the Museums Director or designated staff.
  3. The use of tripods and other such additional photographic equipment require advance approval from the Museum Director or designated staff.
  4. Photography of collection items requires a written request with justification and an appointment.  Photography shall be closely supervised by appropriate Museum staff according to photographic and collection-handling methods prescribed by the Museum.
  5. Photography must be limited to the permanent collection of the Museum.  No photographs may be taken of material on loan to the Museum.
  6. Applicants who have received permission to photograph in the galleries must be accompanied by a member of the Museum staff. 
  7. Applications for commercial reproduction and/or commercial broadcast will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Registrar, Curator, and the Director.  Appropriate fees may be charged.


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