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  Julius Caesar: Military Genius, Mighty Machines Exhibit
for the First Time in the United States!
September 21, 2014 – February 15, 2015

This interactive exhibition features war machines, transportation machines and civil machines, recreated scaled artifacts, digital files of images and computer animations.

This exhibition brings to life one of the most technologically significant times in the history of mankind and covers an epic period of history, from the triumphant victory of Julius Caesar over the Gaul at the Siege of Alesia in 52 BC to the transformation of Rome from a Republic into the mighty Roman Empire.

To learn more about this magnificent exhibition, please visit:

  The U.S. in Polish Historiography and Periodicals from 1764-1919
June 29, 2014 – September 28, 2014

The U.S in Polish Historiography and Periodicals from 1764-1919 illustrates how the U.S. was perceived by Poles during its formative years, and is a reminder that the  Polish and American people worked together before there was a formal relationship between these two countries. This exhibit is composed of materials from the collection of the Warsaw Public Library, including newspapers, memoirs, photographs, and drawings. Particular attention is given to key topics including the American Revolution, the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Polish immigration after the November uprising in 1830, Polish participation in the U.S. Civil War, American relief efforts for Poland during World War I, and the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1919.

This exhibit is brought to you courtesy of the General Casimir Pulaski Society of El Paso, Texas.

  People of the Sun
September 15, 2013 – August 31, 2014

This is a ticketed exhibit. For admission costs please call 915-351-3588.

Dutch anthropologist Herman Frederik Carel Ten Kate visited the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo in December, 1882, while he was engaged in fieldwork among the American Indians. Like other early anthropologists, he collected both information and artifacts, many of which are now curated by the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (National Museum of Ethnology) in Leiden, Netherlands. Four Tigua items are among this collection: a drum and drumstick, a war shield, a rattle and the raw material for another rattle, and a pair of moccasins, all purchased from War Captain Bernardo Holguin.

Please join the El Paso Museum of History and the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo in welcoming back these artifacts, on loan for a period of one year from the Rijksmuseum. They will be part of the new exhibit, People of the Sun, which introduces our visitors to the history and culture of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.

  Up in Smoke: The Early Days of the El Paso Fire Department

As El Paso changed from a small adobe village to a railroad center built of brick and lumber, the possibility of disastrous fires dramatically increased. Not until El Paso organized a volunteer fire department, with City funded equipment, could the community seriously consider building up and out. The exhibit includes the El Paso Fire Department’s 1901 Steamer, Engine No. 2, and other early fire memorabilia.

  Fifth Wall of Giants: UTEP Centennial Celebration, From Mines to Minds

In 2014, the University of Texas at El Paso celebrates its 100th  birthday. Originally called the Texas School of Mines, it was founded in 1914 to educate mining engineers for the bi-national region surrounding El Paso’s smelters. We honor UTEP as an El Paso Giant for recognizing that every student deserves the opportunity to pursue his or her individual desires to learn. UTEP offers all residents of our border region an affordable education at what is rapidly becoming a first class research institution. UTEP is a Giant which will continue to grow in size and strength for, and with the help of, the El Paso community. Share the dream!

Neighborhoods and Shared Memories
Opening March 11, 2012

The Neighborhoods and Shared Memories exhibit is composed of cherished photographs, special mementos and keepsakes from past and present residents of Chihuahuita and El Segundo Barrio. Every two years, the exhibit will feature a new set of neighborhoods. The Neighborhoods exhibit seeks to preserve, interpret, and increase an appreciation for neighborhood-based history.


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The Changing Pass
A traditional, chronological journey through the major events and influences that have shaped El Paso into the city we experience today.


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