Emergency Management Program

As Per Texas Emergency Management Statute, Chapter 418, each jurisdiction shall maintain an emergency management program which includes all phases of emergency management.  El Paso City and County established a program in 1987.

The purpose of the El Paso Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Program is to provide planning, training, coordination and emergency alert services to the community and regional partners so they can (MITIGATE) PREVENT, PREPARE, RESPOND, AND RECOVER from natural and man-made disasters and large scale emergencies, resulting in a hazard resilient community.

Prevention (Mitigation):  El Paso OEM assesses risks and vulnerabilities, develop strategies that eliminate or reduce risk to life and property, and build strong partnerships with local, state, federal, non-governmental, and private agencies.

Preparedness:  El Paso OEM maintains and updates the City and County Emergency Response Plan (Basic Plan), associated Annexes, and Continuity of Operation Plans (COOPs) and conducts and/or participates in exercises that tests these plans.  OEM also provides disaster training to the community with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.

Response:  El Paso OEM activates the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) during large scale events/emergencies or disasters where decision-makers from multiple response agencies support response agencies in the field with resources.  OEM also provides emergency alerts/notifications with vital information and instructions to the community through media, radio, and landline phones.  Please register with the El Paso Emergency Alert System to receive these messages on your cell phone and/or email.

Recovery:  If there is a Declared Disaster, El Paso OEM assists the City and County, Volunteers Active in Disasters and Long-Term Recovery Committee, and community with supplies, damage assessments and assistance with federal reimbursement requirements.