The El Paso Fire Department can provide you with fire safety information not only on their website but up close in person. The Community Risk Reduction is prepared to  deliver life safety educational programs to the public. With a variety of age-specific fire prevention programs, Community Risk Reduction is able to target specific groups and be successful. These programs include but not limited to




Get a personalized tour of our fire station in your neighborhood. Meet and get to know the local firefighter that is always there to serve and help you in your time and need.


time – 1hr

Fire Extinguisher Program

Get your employees trained! El Paso Fire Department provides training on site to help your employees meet OSHA requirements for use of fire extinguishers. If you would like to learn how to use a fire extinguisher for the home we can too.  (May include Live Fire training. Call (915) 212-5699 for further information)


time – 3hr


Prevention Program

The Community Risk Reduction Section is to prepare and deliver life safety educational programs to the public that effectively reduce identified community risks. The Community Risk Reduction provides a variety of age-specific fire prevention programs to the public.

These include:

  • Fire Safety at the Home
  • Fire Safety in the Work Place
  • Fire Extinguisher Use (May include live-fire training. Call (915) 212-5699 for further information)
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans/Drills
  • Holiday Fire Safety
  • Fall and Fire Prevention for Elderly
  • Fire Prevention Week (Always the week of October 9th)
  • Return to the Scene (program to offer advice after a fire in the neighborhood)

time- 8hrs




The fire truck presentation is a personal tour of our fire trucks. Your neighborhood fire station will send out a Pumper, Ladder or Ambulance to your facilities. Get an up close and personal experience with the tools and equipment the firefighters use to extinguish emergencies. Watch the crews demonstrate how the apparatus is used and works.

time – 1hr


The Fire Dog

Have Sparky the Fire Dog come visit your school and educate your audience about fire safety in the home. The audience will learn about identify fire hazards, fire escape, and much more.

time – 2hrs Requires 50 plus attendees and a 3wk advance reservation if available





We provide a Fire Safety Class at our Safety Health Outreach Center to the public.  Call and set up an appointment with our fire safety experts.  You will be educated on identifying fire hazards in the home as well as seasonal safety concerns.

time – 4hrs


To make a request

Please note that we cannot fulfill requests in the hours between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please keep in mind when planning your event or making your request.

To request a presentation or tour please fill out the form below or call Community Risk Reduction at (915) 212-5699

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