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For Answers to specific questions, please go to the Search page or email the City at

City Council / Voter Information

Q: When are City Council meetings held, and when can I get a copy of the meeting agenda?
A: City Council meetings are held on Tuesday of every week at 9:00 a.m. in the City Council Chambers, located on the second floor of City Hall, 2 Civic Center Plaza. Agendas are available 72 hours in advance of the meetings and are online at the Agendas Section of this web site. Contact the City Clerk's office at (915) 541-4127for more information.

Q: Who are the City's Mayor and City Council Members?
A: The current Mayor is John Cook. Current Council Members are Ann Morgan Lilly, Susie Byrd, Melina Castro, Rachel Quintana, Eddie Holguin Jr.,Steve Ortega, and Beto O'Rourke. For more information, you may visit the City Council Section of this web site or call the City Clerk's Office at (915) 541-4127.

Q: Who do I speak to about City elections?
A: Call the City Clerk's Office at (915) 541-4127.

Q: Where do I go to register to vote?
A: Registration forms for voting are available through the Elections Department at 546-2154 or pick up a Voter Registration Application at any U.S. Post Office. You can also request a Voter Registration Application.

Q: Who are my elected representatives?
A: For a complete list of contact information on El Paso representatives, please visit the Elected Officials Section of this web site.

Courts, Marriage Licenses, & Birth Certificates

Q: Where can I obtain a marriage license or birth certificate?
A: These records are available through El Paso County Clerk at (915) 546-2071.

Q: Where can I get married?
A: You may phone any church or you can get married at the courthouse by calling (915) 546-2071.

Q: Where can I get a divorce?
A: You need to contact an attorney's office for divorce information. The City does not offer recommendations for attorneys.


Q: Where can I get statistics like current demographic, population and unemployment data?
A: Visit our online Quality of Life Profile or contact the Economic Development department at (915) 533-4284 or the Planning Division at (915) 541-4024.


Q: How do I get to City Hall?
A: Eastside of El Paso:
Take I-10 west; Exit at the Downtown Exit, proceed west on Missouri cross Santa Fe, continue west on Missouri, left on Durango, The public parking lot will be located to your right at the corner of Durango and Porfirio Diaz.

Westside of El Paso:
Take I-10 East; exit right at the Porfirio Diaz Exit; continue on access road to Porfirio Diaz and turn right on Porfirio Diaz, proceed to the public parking located on you left side at the corner of Porfirio Diaz and Durango.

Northeast El Paso:
Take US 54 South to Las Cruces Exit which leads to I-10 West, proceed on I-10 West; exit at the Downtown Exit, proceed west on Missouri crossing Santa Fe to Durango to Porfirio Diaz where the Public Parking lot will be located to your right at the corner of Durango and Porfirio Diaz.

Q: Do I need a computer to apply?
If you do not have a computer with internet service you will be able to access the system from any City Library, the Human Resources Department at City Hall, or at any Police Command center.

Q: How do I set up an email account?
A: If you do not have an email address, you can get one free from Yahoo, AOL or Google. (Note: The City of El Paso does not endorse the use of any specific email service. This information is provided as a courtesy.)

for Gmail (Google)
for AOL
for Yahoo

Q: Can applications be submitted daily?
A:  Applications are only accepted for current openings. A list of current job openings is available by calling our (24) twenty-four hour Job Line at (915) 541-4094 or by visiting the Human Resources employment section on our web page.

Q: Can I submit a Job interest card?
A:  If our current openings do not include jobs you are interested in at this time, you may complete a job interest notification request. To sign up for e-mail notifications - you can request job notifications by specific job titles. You will be notified by e-mail once the position(s) you are interested in is open for recruitment.

Q:  Is there a different application for Original, Promotional, or Competitive Reassignment candidates?
A:  There is one application for all candidates.

Q:  Do I need to complete a new application each time I apply for a City position?
A:  Candidates can simply update their previous application on file and submit for other job opportunities.

Q:  I have been disqualified. Now what can I do?
A:  Applicants who are disqualified from taking an examination may appeal to the Civil Service Commission. Appeals may be turned in Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Human Resources Department. When necessary, candidates may be asked to give more details concerning current or past work experience. Applicants may obtain the correct form to expand on work experience by clicking here.

Q:  What is the Civil Service Commission
A:  The Civil Service Commission is a quasi-judicial board volunteering their time to ensure applicants and employees are treated fairly. For more information, visit Civil Service Commission web page.

Q:  What is the appeal process?
A:  Applicants who are disqualified may appeal to the Civil Service Commission, but must do so within seven calendar days of the date of the disqualification. Untimely appeals will not be accepted. The Commission will meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Q: When will I be contacted?
The Human Resources Department will review your job application and will email you a notice of qualification or disqualification with instructions. If qualified, once testing is completed and the eligible list has been certified, a new notice with your grade and rank on the eligible list will be emailed to you. The Human Resources Department will contact the top five candidates from the eligible list to set up an interview with the hiring department when vacancies occur.

Q:  How do I study for an examination?
A:  All tests are related to the position and examination topics come from knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position. We recommend that you review the knowledge, skills, and abilities posted on the job specification.

Q: If I am interviewed for a position and not selected…will I be notified?
A: Yes, you will be notified that you were not selected.

Q: How long is an eligible list in effect?
A:  Normally, 6 months unless exhausted or extended by the Human Resources Director.

Q:  Where will I work and where is the job located?
A:  The job location varies with the department. There are multiple work locations within the City.

Q:  What type of files can I attached to my application?
A:  Accepted file formats are: Acrobat Portable Document Format ('.pdf'), Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet ('.xls'), or Microsoft Word Document ('.doc').

Q: I have graffiti in my neighborhood. How do I get it removed?
A: Call the El Paso City Graffiti Hotline at (915) 621-6789.

Q: Where can I get information on Section 8 or HUD housing?
A: You may contact the Applications Office at (915) 849-3796. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q: Does the City have a first-time home buyer program?
A: Yes, call the El Paso Housing Finance Corporation at (915) 541-4845.

Q: How do I apply for homestead?
A: You can apply at the Central Appraisal District at 5801 Trowbridge (915) 780-2000.

Improvements, Repairs, and Streets
Q: How are projects prioritized by the City, and how does the City determine which projects are going to be done?
A: The City has a five-year capital improvement program whereby projects are identified throughout the year by technical staff and through citizen requests. The final decision is made by the El Paso City Council, after a series of public meetings and public hearings.

Q: My sidewalk needs repair. Who is responsible?
A: Contact the City's Streets Division at (915) 621-6750.

Q: There is a pothole in the street in front of my home. Who repairs these?
A: Contact the City's Streets Division at (915) 621-6750. You can also fill out a Work Request on-line.


Q: What is the City's Internet address?
A: The City's home page is located at


Q: What is difference between the City Attorney, County Attorney and District Attorney?
A:The City Attorney is the lawyer for the city government. When the city is sued, the City Attorney appears in court as defense counsel. When the city’s interests are infringed, the City Attorney files suit to protect them. The City Attorney also serves as legal counsel to all City officials and departments in the course of their official business, drafting ordinances and regulations, reviewing contracts and providing other legal advice. To learn more about the specific duties of the City Attorney’s office, see “Mission and Overview.”

The County Attorney is the lawyer for the county government.

The District Attorney investigates and prosecutes criminal activity on behalf of the State of Texas.


Q: Where do I get a home security alarm permit?
A: You can get a permit at City Hall on the 5th Floor at Building Permits & Inspections (915)541-4560.
Download the Security Alarm Permit Application- PDF document


Q : Are there charges for police reports?
A: Yes;
Accident reports cost $6.00, whether picked up or mailed.
Certifying the accident report costs $2.00.
A criminal history letter costs $6.00. (Notarized - add another $6.00)
Criminal incident reports cost $0.10 per page if the requestor has the case number and if requested in person.
Criminal incident reports mailed cost $1.50.
Prices vary when no case number is presented and record research is required.
For additional information contact the Police Records Bureau at 564-7200.

Q: Why is there a charge for reports?
A: The City of El Paso has established charges for crime reports to cover administrative processing. The State of Texas establishes the fees for traffic accident reports

Q: Can I contact the Police Records Division and receive information about a report over the phone?
A: No. All requests for reports must be made in person or in writing as detailed above.

Q: Can I have a copy of a report sent to me by fax?
A: No.

Q: How can I get a copy of an accident report?
A: Accident reports may be obtained by two different methods:
Send a written request by mail. Send a written request containing:
The El Paso Police case number (if known).
The name of a person involved in the accident.
The address or location of the accident.
The date the accident occurred.
A check or money order for $6.00 made payable to the City of El Paso.
A self-addressed envelope.

Request the report in person at one of the following locations:
Police Headquarters, 911 N, Raynor St.
Pebble Hills Regional Command, 10780 Pebble Hills Blvd.
Westside Regional Command, 4801 Osborne Dr.
Mission Valley Regional Command, 9011 Escobar.
Northeast Regional Command, 9600 Dyer.

Please note that the records facilities at Headquarters, Pebble Hills Regional Command and Mission Valley Regional Command are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All facilities are closed on all city holidays.

Q : How soon after an accident will a report be available?
A: It generally takes between 3 and 5 working days for an accident report to become available to the public.

Q: When I made a theft report, I did not exactly know how much property was stolen from me. How would I update the report when I have a complete inventory of my loss? ?
A: For major cases, please contact the detective assigned to your case. Minor reports may be updated by calling the Communications Division Report Expeditors at 564-7236.

Q: How can I obtain a complete copy of a case report?
A: You must submit a request through "Open Records." For more information on Open Records requests, please contact the Police Records Bureau at 564-7200.

Q: I am applying for a job and the employer told me I must obtain a Police Records Check (Police Letter). How to I get one?
A: You can request the report, in person, at one of the following locations:

  • Police Headquarters, 911 N, Raynor St.
  • Pebble Hills Regional Command, 10780 Pebble Hills Blvd.
  • Westside Regional Command, 4801 Osborne Dr.
  • Mission Valley Regional Command, 9011 Escobar.
  • Northeast Regional Command, 9600 Dyer.

You must complete a request form, have valid state or federal identification and pay a processing fee of $6.00.

If you desire to have a company or another person pick up your report, they must present a notarized waiver from you granting permission for this action. They too must present valid identification at time of pick up.

Q: How long does it take to process a Police Records Check?
A: At Police Headquarters, Pebble Hills Regional Command, and Northeast Regional Command the average processing time is 7 to 10 working days. At Mission Valley Regional Command and Westside Regional Command the request may be processed while you wait as long as the record requested is not for a person who has a criminal arrest.

Q : Once I submit an Open Records request, how long will it take to process ?
A: Your request will be processed promptly and you will be informed by telephone or by mail on the status of your request.

SunMetro & Bus Service

Q : How often does SunMetro run?
A: Call SunMetro information at (915) 533-3333 or visit their web site at

Q: How can I get from one area to another on the bus?
A: For bus information go to the Route & Schedule Info
of this web site, call 915-533-3333, or pick up a schedule on the bus.

Recreation & Facility Rental

Q: Can I rent a Shelter at a City Park for a wedding or a program?
A: Call the City's Parks and Recreation Department for more information at (915) 541-4590.

Speeding & Parking Tickets

Q: Can I pay for speeding tickets at City Hall? How about parking tickets?
A: You may pay for speeding and parking tickets at the El Paso Municipal Court
810 E. Overland (915) 546-2934, at an substation in the City or On-Line


Q: How do I report a pot hole?
A: You can report a pot hole by calling our Street Department at (915)621-6750 or by filling out a Work Request

Tax Information

Q: Where can I pay my property taxes?
A: You may visit the Tax Office on the 1st Floor of City hall (915) 541-4054 or pay your taxes on-line.

Q : What is my balance?
A: You'll find this by doing a SEARCH on your property on this web site.

Q : What is the amount of the last payment received and by whom?
A: You'll find this by doing a SEARCH of your property on this web site.

Q : Am I getting all my exemptions?
A: Applications for exemptions must be approved by the El Paso Central Appraisal District. Their web site address is and their telephone number is (915) 780-2000.

Q : Where are you sending the bills?
A: Tax bills are sent to the property owner unless the bill is requested by a tax agent or a mortgage company.

Q: What exemptions am I eligible to receive?
A: Contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District at (915) 780-2000 or at their web site at

Q : Why are my taxes so high?
A: Property taxes are determined by three factors: (1) the appraised value of the property; (2) the tax rates adopted by the various units that levy tax; and (3) exemptions, if any.

Q: After making my $XX payment, why is there still a balance of $XX?
A: Penalties and interest accrue monthly as long as the account remains delinquent.

Q: What is the assessed value/legal description?
A: Contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District at (915) 780-2000 or at their website at

Q : Why did I receive or not receive a tax bill delinquent notice?
A: Tax bills are sent to the owner of the property or a tax agent/mortgage company if requested. Delinquent notices are sent to the property owner or a tax agent designated to receive these.

Q: What kind of payment arrangements can I make?
A: If the account has been delinquent less than six months, call (915) 541-4054 for information on arrangements. If the account is delinquent at least six months, call (915) 533-6637 for information on arrangements. Taxes become delinquent on February 1 on the year subsequent to when they were levied. For example, taxes levied for year 2000 become delinquent on February 1, 2001.

Q: What percentage of sales tax does the City receive?
A: The City receives 1% of total taxable sales generated within the City limits.

Q: Who do I speak to regarding problems with my cable service?
A: You should call the local cable company if it concerns service of rates for preferred or tier services, additions, deletions, or changes in your service. Any questions or concerns regarding the franchise agreement, rates for basic cable.

Q: Who provides gas and electricity in El Paso? A: The Texas Gas Service (915) 562-8411 provides gas and El Paso Electric (915) 543-5711 provides electricity.

Q: Who provides water service in El Paso?
A: The El Paso Water Utilities (915 ) 594-5500 provides water in the El Paso area.

Q: Who do I contact to report Water waste?
A: You may contact the Water Hotline at (915)594-5508.

Q: What are the dates & hours of the El Paso Water conservation Program?
A: Call the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board Water Conservation Information Line at 594-5510.

The following Residential watering rules are in effect:

  1. Residential addresses ending in even numbers may water on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's.
  2. Residential addresses ending in odd numbers may water on Wednesday's, Friday's, and Sunday's.
  3. There is no Residential watering allowed on Monday's.
  4. From April 1 to September 30 Residential watering is not allowed from 10AM to 6PM. From October 1 to March 31 Residential watering is restricted only to the dates listed above.
  5. REPORT all water waste by calling the Water Hotline at 594-5508.


Q: What do I do with my used oil, old paint or used oil filters?
A: The first Saturday of each month between 9:00 am and 1:00 p.m. residents may dispose of their residential Household Hazardous Waste at the following locations: 7960 San Paulo, 4096 Doniphan and 4501 Hondo Pass.

Items accepted:

  • Used Oil
  • Oil Filters
  • Waste Tires
  • Paint
  • Solvents
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Old Medications
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Fertilizers
  • Degreasers
  • Dry Cleaning Fluids
  • Rust Removers
  • Furniture Polish
  • Pesticides/Herbicides
  • Fertilizer
  • Charcoal lighter

Items Not Accepted:

  • Explosives/Ammunition
  • Radioactive Wastes
  • Business Generated Wastes
  • Commercial Hazardous Waste
  • Compressed Gases
  • Biomedical Wastes
  • Non-Hazardous Waste

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