Urban Garden Design + Fab Lab

Come to find out how you can jump-start your backyard farm and make your lifestyle a healthier, greener, and more fulfilling experience.

 Join the Fab Lab team in creating urban garden designs from Akers Urban Garden Kits open source online platform. The City of El Paso Office of Resilience and Sustainability will sponsor several of the Aker kits, which will be showcased at the workshop — from file preparation to machining to assembly. In this workshop we will explore the full suite of open source tools for producing food and healthy soil in backyards, balconies, or community gardens, all of which can be “printed” from a sheet of plywood on a large-format CNC router. 

These flat-packable kits help boost urban agriculture by assembling quickly with no tools required.

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The Fab Lab, located in downtown El Paso, is a creative space for the community. At the Fab Lab you can find  3D printers and scanners, laser cutters, video-audio equipment, virtual reality equipment, textiles and craft machinery, and much more. It also offers workshops and design services. 

The Fab Lab has partnered with Akers Urban Garden Kits through prototyping and designing urban garden designs. AKER’s open source urban farming kits include designs for raised beds, a worm composter, a tiny backyard chicken coop, a beehive, and a vertical planter, suitable for both novice gardeners and skilled growers alike, and are “designed to make growing food a simple, beautiful experience.”