The City of El Paso has been contracted to provide certain necessary health and environmental services to El Paso County and local municipalities since the dissolution of the El Paso City -- County Health and Environmental Services District in 2007.  These agreements serve to provide a healthier and safer environment in the jurisdictions contracted with the City of El Paso.  The departments responsible for conducting these activities are the Environmental Services Department (ESD) and the Department of Public Health (DPH).

Within ESD, several programs are involved in conducting environmental service activities in the communities which have entered into an agreement:

  • Air Quality (air complaints, fuel blending investigations, Energy Act and vapor recovery investigations, regulated facility inspections)
  • Animal Services Field Operations (animal control activities)
  • Animal Shelter (impoundment, kenneling, quarantines, euthanasia, and permit issuance)
  • Vector Control (mosquito fogging and trapping, larvacide application, swimming pool inspection, and complaint investigations)