Changes to Recycling Collection Schedules

Innovative recycling improvements are on their way to our Curbside Recycling Program.

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When the blue bins were first distributed in 2007, our program lacked a mechanism for tracking the rate at which customers set out their bins and other vital metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of the service. As a result, recycling collection trucks have been running routes where less than half of the bins are set out for collection, and the majority of those containers placed on the curb are less than a quarter full.

We now have the data to make impactful service improvements. Our new processes will enable us to deliver a more efficient recycling service to our customers.

Recycling collections will shift to every other week collections starting in March 2020, as data shows more than half of customers consistently choose to not place their blue bins out on a weekly basis. Customers will see improved on-time recycling collections through the new operational efficiencies, less wear and tear on streets, and expanded solid waste services.

The improved recycling operations will result in significant savings that will be invested in expanding and enhancing Citizen Collection Station services. These sites, conveniently located within neighborhoods throughout El Paso allow our customers to dispose of bulky waste, such as furniture, extra trash, and hazardous household waste at no cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I be receiving a schedule for my new recycling collection dates?
Answer: Mailers with respective dates for every other week recycling will be mailed to all customers before the changes start on March 31, 2020.  You can also view your collection schedule by clicking on the link on this webpage or by downloading the ESD Works for You mobile application.  

Question: How do I know the start date for the pick up of my blue bin?
AnswerMailers with respective dates for every other week will be mailed and will be at residences before the launch date of March 31, 2020. You may also check your collection schedule online or by downloading the free ESD Works for You mobile application.

Question: How do I know what day to roll the bin? It’s confusing. 
Answer: Download the ESD Works for You mobile application; it has the functionality to set reminders for you and leave all the guesswork out of your day.

Question: I fill up my bin every week. Can I order a second blue bin? 
Answer: We will not be able to provide customers with more than one blue bin. Our data has shown most of the blue bins are not full when they are picked up every week. You can maximize the space in your blue bin by breaking down the boxes and flattening all cardboard. Also, please visit to ensure you are recycling only those materials accepted by our local recycling processor. You may also take your extra recyclables to any of the five Citizen Collection Stations  (CCS) throughout the city. There is no fee for utilizing a CCS.

Question: I did not receive a mailer with my schedule, or I misplaced my mailer?
Answer:  You can verify your collection schedule online or by downloading the free ESD Works for Me app. You can also contact the Environmental Services Department through the Chat Service on the mobile application or online to get information about your new collection schedule.

Question: What should I do if the online collection schedule states that my address is not found?
Answer:  Submit a request through the portal to have your address added to the ESD online collection schedule, or you can visit or call (915) 212-6000 to have the department address your concerns.

Question: Can I recycle glass? 

AnswerThe City of El Paso does not accept glass in the blue bins because the material is not an item recycled by the local recycling processor contracted by the city for the curbside recycling program.

Question: Will the day of my recycle bin pick up be changed?
Answer: The day of your pickup will not change. Only the frequency of the pickup will change. For example, if your day of pickup is on a Tuesday, the only change that will occur is that your blue bin will be picked up every other Tuesday.

Question: I forgot to roll my blue bin to the curb. Can you send a truck back for a fee?
Answer: Customers can wait for the next pickup day or they can empty the bin at one of the five Citizen Collection Stations through the city. Currently, we don’t have a go-back service for the blue container.

Question: I don’t want to participate in the recycling program how do I return my bin to you?
AnswerWe can place the order to pick up your recycle bin at no charge. 

Question: Will there be a reduction in my bill now that you are not picking up my recycle bin every week?
Answer: No. The monthly fee charged to our customers is for the collection of the gray bins. The recycling collection program is offered at no cost since the service was launched in 2007. Each year, the recycling program operates at a loss. One of the main reasons is the high rate of unaccepted materials found in the blue bins. The City of El Paso will be reducing the cost of the operation by adjusting to the frequency rate by which our community recycles.