Vector Control in the Greater El Paso Community

The City of El Paso maintains an active vector control team, which is part of the Health & Safety Program of the Code Compliance Division within the Environmental Services Department.  The team is responsible for a variety of inspections and activities within the City of El Paso, in addition to providing service to the County of El Paso and other local municipalities within the County, as identified in interlocal agreements between the City of El Paso and these entities.


What is a Vector?

A vector is defined as any agent (person, animal or micro-organism) that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism.

In the case of the vector control team, trapping, sampling, abatement, treatment, inspection and enforcement activities are directed toward protecting the greater El Paso community from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and rodents.

The vector control team only addresses issues related to potential vectors (mosquitoes and rodents). Not all insects are vectors.





Contact Us

To report a property with standing water, please call 3-1-1.

For questions about the Vector Control Program, resident can call (915) 212-0134.