The Health and Safety Program protects the health and safety of the general public through its facility inspections, solid waste enforcement and vector control activities.


Solid Waste Enforcement

Residential waste and recycling bins and commercial waste dumpsters often have the potential to be overfilled, poorly maintained, or placed in a location contributing to a nuisance.  Additionally, waste and recycling in the City may only be collected by haulers permitted by the Environmental Services Department. The Solid Waste Enforcement team is responsible for ensuring that residential customers comply with the rules for using the garbage and recycling bins, and for inspecting permitted haulers to make sure that collection vehicles are maintained in accordance with the solid waste ordinance.


Facilities Inspection

Facilities inspectors protect the health and safety of El Paso residents through the regulation of public laundries, mobile home parks, public pools and spas, and tattoo and body art studios.  All of these facilities have certain risks to public health and safety, due to the presence of water (which can allow insect breeding, and encourage bacterial and algal growth), solid waste storage, and the potential for exposure to blood (when applying tattoos or body art). 
Map - Registered Tattoo & Body Art Studios


Vector Control

Vector Control inspectors perform a multitude of tasks related to investigating and abating insect and rodent problems in the City.  Responding to complaints of bedbug infestations in hotels, mosquito breeding in poorly-maintained private pools, and fogging city streets to minimize mosquito breeding are all part of the of a Vector Control inspector’s daily routine.  These inspectors are also responsible for patrolling areas of ponded water on public property to check for insect breeding and to apply insecticide or larvacide, when needed.
Vector Control Activity Map - See where the Vector Control Program has fogged or sprayed

Report Illegal Dumping

Help keep your neighborhood looking beautiful by reporting illegal dumping. Code compliance inspectors investigate illegal dumping cases. Whenever possible, please provide us with the following information:
  • Date, time and location of incident
  • Description of vehicle and license plate number
  • Description of person(s) dumping
  • What items/materials were being dumped
  • Your name and phone number (optional)
To report illegal dumping, please email us at or call 311.