Yard maintenance

yard with tall weedsGrass, weeds or uncultivated plants should not be allowed to become overgrown. Remember, maintenance of vegetation in parkways and alleys is the property owner's responsibility.
(El Paso Municipal Code 9.04.860)


Domestic Storage

Bathroom sink and cabinet sitting outside of homeStoring materials outside that would not be generally used outdoors, such as indoor furniture or appliances, is prohibited.
(El Paso Municipal Code 20.14.190)


Junked Vehicles

inoperable vehicle sitting in yard with overgrown weedsAn uncovered junked vehicle or junk vehicle parts may not be stored in a residential area where it is visible from the street.
(El Paso Municipal Code 9.08.010)


Off-street Parking

Vehicles shall not be parked in the front or side yard of a home unless the parking surfacing is composed of concrete, asphalt or another comparable dust-free surface.
(El Paso Municipal Code 20.14.040)


Garage/Yard Sales

Garage sale sign sitting in front of homeIt is unlawful for the owner or occupant in a residential district to hold yard or garage sales more than three (3) times a calendar year on the same lot. You cannot conduct a yard or garage sale for more than two (2) days at a time.
(El Paso Municipal Code 20.14.030l)


Illegal Dumping

pile of tires sitting in empty lotIt is unlawful to dispose of solid or hazardous waste - such as garbage, construction materials and used tires - in vacant lots and other non-permitted areas.
(El Paso Municipal Code 9.04.670)


Sidewalk Obstructions

overgrown bushes and tree limping blicking part of sidewalkKeep tree branches, foliage, hedges and shrubs trim, so there is at least eight feet clearance between their overhang and the sidewalk.
(El Paso Municipal Code 12.68.030 B,C)


Prohibited Sales

car with for sale sign sitting on empty lotIt is prohibited to sell merchandise - such as vehicles, novelties or any other goods - on vacant lots or a public right-of-way, which is commonly known as a street, easement or sidewalk. Vehicle sales are also not allowed on parking lots.
(El Paso Municipal Code 13.20.040)


Placing Refuse in Container of Others

It is unlawful to place any waste in a trash container of another, without permission of the owner of that container.
(El Paso Municipal Code 9.04.090b)