Boards and Commissions

I am honored to be able to serve on boards and committees for the city of El Paso to ensure due diligence and continue to work hard for our community.

Financial Oversight and Audit Committee (FOAC)

I was appointed to the FOAC by Mayor Dee Margo and elected Chair of the board by my colleagues on the board, Representative Rivera, Representative Brown and Representative Ordaz. The Financial Oversight and Audit Committee "FOAC" was established for the purpose of providing legislative oversight of the function of the Internal Auditor, to review financial policies of the city, and formulate recommendations for the City Council and City Manager. FOAC meets quarterly. See the agenda and more information here:

City of El Paso Liaison to Ft. Bliss

Mayor Dee Margo has appointed me as the Military Liaison for the City of El Paso in all matters dealing with Ft. Bliss, in order to help the two entities work together for the community.

City Employees' Pension Fund Board of Trustees

I have been appointed to the City Employees' Pension Fund Board of Trustees by Mayor Dee Margo in order to ensure that secure retirement benefits are available, that quality information concerning those benefits is available and serve to manage assets of the fund prudently, and administer benefits with impartiality. For more information on the City Employees Pension Fund, Click here: