On July 25, 2017 Mayor Margo and City Council confirmed my appointment to serve on the Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Policy Board (MPO). They also appointed me to the City's Financial & Audit Oversight Committee (FAOC). For more information on these committees see below. 

Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Policy Board

The Transportation Policy Board was established in 1973 to meet the requirement that urbanized areas with a population of 50,000 or greater must have a transportation planning board to ensure that all regional transportation studies are performed in accordance with local governments’ desires and in conformance with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. The TPB is comprised of 30 elected and/or appointed public officials from the local governments that have authority for project implementation.  Membership in the TPB also includes local and county elected officials, State Senators, and State Representatives.

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El Paso MPO

Financial & Audit Oversight Committee

Financial Oversight and Audit Committee "FOAC" was established for the purpose of providing legislative oversight of the function of the Internal Auditor, to review the financial policies of the City, and to formulate recommendations for the City Council regarding City finances and other matters referred by the City Council or City Manager. The FOAC shall be comprised of four members of the City Council, the Chief Internal Auditor, and the City Manager or designee and shall meet when needed, at least quarterly.

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Financial and Audit Oversight Committee

Boards and Committees