Make your Voice Heard in El Paso!

Please take a moment to share some information with us. This will help us understand where the need is in El Paso and how we can better direct our efforts. The information you provide is anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes.

  1. What is your zip code?

  2. Have you obtained any of the following types of loans in the past 3 years?
    Payday loan Payday lenders will give you a cash advance if you write them a check. Your check will not be cashed until your next payday.
    Pawnshop loan Pawnshops allow you to trade in something of value (e.g. jewelry, electronic equipment, and even a car) in return for cash. Pawnshops will not loan you the full value of your merchandise.
    Rent-to own offer Instead of paying for a TV, furniture, or appliance in one lump sum, Rent-to-Own stores allow people to make installment payments on the item they rent, and potentially buy.
    Subprime mortgage A mortgage loan that is higher than the prime rate (market interest rate). These are referred to as "B" and "C" paper loans in the mortgage industry.
    Signature loan These are smaller loans up to $500 in which there is no collateral which secures your loan, only your signature.

  3. Have you tried to obtain a personal loan through a credit union or bank in the past 3 years?
    Yes No Other:

  4. Were you approved by the credit union or bank loan? Yes No Other:

  5. What is your income bracket?

  6. What is your family size?

  7. Do you know what your FICO credit score is and if so, where does it fall in the ranges below?

  8. What is your age?

  9. How many years of schooling have you completed?

  10. What is your sex? Female Male