Before you or the GAD begin researching funding opportunities for your Department, you may first need to identify the type of funding you need. The GAD may then focus grant searches to identify funding opportunities specifically to meet your Department's needs. 



The type of grant you will seek and the potential sources of funding will vary depending on what kind of funding you need. Donors distinguish among several funding purposes:

  • General Operating Support - funding to support salaries, overhead or other forms of administrative expenses.
  • Program or Project Support - funds to support special projects and/or initiatives to provide specific services, for example:  Financial Literacy, after-school tutoring, community survey, etc.
  • Planning Grants - usually research-based to determine actual need.  Usually supports initial project development work.
  • Capital Support – Grants to fund construction, major equipment, renovation, land acquisition, vehicle, etc.

Each purpose will require its own distinct research process since it is highly unlikely that one funder will meet all your needs.