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Compliance Supplement - 2016

Federal Uniform Guidance


How to Develop a Grant Proposal Writing Process

Templates and Samples 

The Foundation Center - Proposal Writing Short Course

Type of Grant Funding by Category 

Uniform Grant Management Standards (UGMS)


The City of El Paso Grants Administrative Division (GAD) enables City departments through a myriad of services including identifying potential funding sources through eCivis (a purchased grants search network that provides the most current information on available federal, state, local and foundation funding sources).  GAD facilitates support and oversight throughout the grant life cycle to include the following:

  • Grant applications

  • Review grant applications to ensure required documents are available for grant submission

  • Review budgets for accuracy

  • Coordinate grant development team of subject matter experts to assist in the development of a grant

  • Provide grant writing and other related assistance 

  • Reviewing monthly expenditures and grant match, if applicable

  • Preparing the monthly journal entry to record the receivable and revenue

  • Tracking the receivable to ensure the funds are received timely

  • Reviewing and posting journal entries that reclassify grant expenditures

  • Preparing the annual Single Audit report based on transactions in PeopleSoft Financial; providing supporting documentation to the auditors for grants audit

  • Setting up grant codes in PeopleSoft Financial when the grant is awarded and closing the grant when the grant is completed


Community Outreach

GAD provides eCivis services to Community Based Organizations (CBO), not-for-profit organizations free of charge. Providing this service helps the City of El Paso increase revenues, bring needed programs and services, and stimulate the overall economy by providing more jobs through the CBO's. CBOs can apply to receive this service by signing a User Agreement with the Office of the Comptroller, GAD.


Identifying Your Needs

Before you or the GAD begin researching funding opportunities for your Department, identify the type of funding you need. The GAD will focus grant searches to identify funding opportunities specifically to meet your Department's needs.


The Grant Process - How City Departments May Apply for a Grant

Suppose you have an idea or a project that needs funding, or you learn about a grant opportunity from GAD or any other source that could fund your project. The GAD will guide you through the easy steps to take your grant idea to a completed application. You can start by downloading some of the templates and samples to help you get started.