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7/16/2009 Vol. , Issue 1 Contact Us

Riding a Sun Metro Bus: Saving Money, Saving the Earth
If gasoline bills are hitting your wallet too hard or the making the long commute home after a long day of work becoming overwhelming, consider letting Sun Metro shuttle you to and from work.
You’ll find riding Sun Metro’s quiet and clean buses are not only comfortable, they’re environmentally friendly.
If you’re a first-time rider, the biggest hurdle is simply learning the ropes.
First you’ll need to research your route. Sun Metro offers an online trip planner to help you figure out the best option. Find the Sun Metro route planner by visiting If you still need help Sun Metro’s bilingual customer service operators can help you find your way around town in a matter of seconds.
Hopping on the bus is easy once you have an itinerary. Make sure you get to your designated bus stop at least 10 minutes before the posted time. Make sure you\'re standing on the correct side of the street as you don’t want to get on a bus heading the wrong way.
If you see your bus coming, put out an arm or try to make eye contact with your driver to let the driver know you\'re waiting to be picked up. Keep in mind that if you’re trying to stay cool in a shaded area near the designated stop the driver might not be able to see you.
If you have any doubts about the route, don’t be afraid to ask the driver before boarding.
Once you’re sure you have the right bus, you can swipe your bus pass or use the exact fare for the ride. 
If you are going to need to switch or transfer to another bus, ask the driver for a transfer pass upon boarding. When you board your next bus you’ll need to swipe the transfer pass.
Getting off a Sun Metro bus is easy. Once you’re about a block away from your stop, press the strip which is located between the windows. This rings a bell telling the driver that you want off at the next stop. All Sun Metro buses are ADA compliant and offer visually or hearing-impaired riders verbal and written announcements of upcoming major stops.
If you’re unsure of where your stop is, tell the driver when you board which stop you are looking for, and try to sit near the front of the bus. If it\'s not too busy, the driver will be more than happy to assist you determine your stop.
Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll soon find riding Sun Metro is easy, stress free, saves you money and is eco-friendly.