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8/27/2009 Vol. , Issue 2 Contact Us

Do you want to improve your neighbohood?  Form a Neighborhood Association!
The Neighborhood Services division of the City of El Paso’s Department of Community and Human Development encourages El Paso residents to form a neighborhood association if there is none currently formed in your neighborhood.The City of El Paso currently has 67 recognized neighborhood associations. These associations are the voice of their neighborhood and are aimed at improving the quality of life for the residents in their area.
A neighborhood association is a group of neighbors who get together, share ideas and work cooperatively to make their neighborhood a better place to live. The purpose of a neighborhood association is to organize with their neighbors and other neighborhood stakeholders (i.e. businesses, schools or churches) in order to identify manageable and realistic improvements for the overall quality of life of the neighborhood.
A neighborhood association should promote a range of activities to sustain a long-term existence within a neighborhood. Annual fundraisers, block parties, clean-ups and holiday events can support an association’s focus on working together to promote a variety of improvements such as street repairs, speeding issues, removing blight, park improvements and street lighting. Neighborhood associations should not organize to promote only a single purpose – neighborhood associations that are narrow in scope are not likely to be effective in developing resources for long-term neighborhood improvements.       
The Neighborhood Services division has a handy Neighborhood Association Guide full of valuable information on how to organize an effective Neighborhood Association. This Guide provides information such as: first steps, boundaries, bylaws, setting goals, recruiting members and volunteers, holding great meetings and so much more. To obtain a copy you can contact the Neighborhood Services division or download from the website at
The Neighborhood Services division will gladly assist you in the process.
Community and Human Development –
Neighborhood Services Division
City Hall – 2 Civic Center Plaza 2nd Floor
 For more information please contact:
Soraya Ayub, Neighborhood Relations Coordinator 541-4019