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       Mass Transit Department Board Moves Forward on Bus Rapid Transit
Alameda Avenue set to be first BRT corridor
On Tuesday, July 13, the El Paso City Council, in the capacity of the Mass Transit Department Board, voted to move forward with implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system along Alameda and Mesa; two of the four proposed corridors.

The Mass Transit Department Board voted unanimously to implement the following:

  • Proceed immediately with Alameda as the first BRT corridor using local funds. Furthermore, look at funding support from the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) and the Transportation Reinvestment Zone (TRZ).
  • Confirm the use of Texas and Myrtle as the alignment within the Downtown Core for the Alameda Corridor.
  • Move forward with the application submittal for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding for the Mesa Corridor in September 2010.
  • Approve the Transportation System Management (TSM, also known as a BRT Light) as the locally preferred alternative for the Alameda and Mesa Corridors.
Under the BRT Light alternative, the new bus system would have various amenities to include: unique branded 60-foot articulated buses in mixed traffic; a 10 (peak service)  to 15 (off-peak service) minute frequency; have less frequent stops; branded and landscaped station stops with improved pedestrian amenities and signal prioritization (shorten red or lengthen green traffic signals). BACKGROUND
The goal of a BRT system is to provide high-quality transit service that offers similar benefits to light rail transit, such as improved speed and reliability, but at a much lower implementation cost.

Over the past year, Jacobs Engineering (a consulting firm out of Dallas), has been performing an analysis to evaluate the opportunities, challenges, costs and impacts of creating a BRT system in El Paso along the Alameda, Mesa, Montana and Dyer corridors.

In late March, Sun Metro, the Department of Engineering, along with Jacobs Engineering, hosted four community meetings in the neighborhoods serviced by the corridors, giving citizens an opportunity to learn more about the options and a chance to provide feedback on the locally preferred alternatives for each of the corridors. Over the past three months, City of El Paso staff also conducted several additional presentations throughout the community to share details and further solicit comments from residents on the study.

Recently, the three entities hosted follow-up meetings to update the community about the locally preferred alternatives for Alameda and Mesa. As the project continues, the City will host additional meetings about the locally preferred alternatives for Montana and Dyer.

To learn more about the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system, visit href= target=_blank>

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Sun Metro Hosts Public Meetings
Mass Transit Department Proposes Fare Increase for 2011

Sun Metro has hosted five community meetings and will host three more to discuss a proposed fare increase for regular, students and LIFT passengers. The proposal does not increase the fare for senior and disabled passengers, and calls for the elimination of transfer fees.



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