2006 Northeast Master Plan: Proposed Amendment Underway

In anticipation and preparation of expected growth in the Northeast, the City and the El Paso Water Utilities have spearheaded an initiative to proactively look at long-range development opportunities in this area. The arrival of twenty thousand additional troops along with their families has the potential to make the Northeast an exciting region for growth in the next few years. New housing, shopping and jobs will all head to that area and the City wants to ensure that the change goes smoothly.

The Development Services Department has worked closely with the El Paso Water Utilities to implement a planning effort that focuses on Smart Growth Principles to include mixed land uses and the creation of a range of housing opportunities and choices. The culmination of this effort has elicited a proposal from the El Paso Water Utilities that looks at land uses for over 6,900 acres out of the nearly 16,000 acres the City owns in the Northeast. The planners hope to encourage quality neighborhoods that newcomers, and current residents looking for new homes, will be proud to call their own. The folcal point of the plan is a linear park-boulevard that may run west to east from the mountains to the Painted Dunes golf course. A town center around the boulevard would be served by a bicycle and pedestrian trail network connecting houses, shopping and open space recreation areas.

The proposal is the beginning of a process in which the City Council will have the final decision to move forward with the proposed changes to the study area. As part of the process to amend the comprehensive plan, community meetings were held on October 25 and on November 14 to engage and incorporate community input in the process. Most recently, on November 16, the City Plan Commission approved a three week timeframe for the City and the El Paso Water Utilities to work together on the final amendment to the plan, which would include land use maps and formal text describing what the City's vision for each part of the map entails. The City Plan Commission Meeting to follow is scheduled for December 7th. The presentation of the proposed amendment for City Council action is expected to take place before the end of the year.

The following presentation highlights the proposed changes to the Northeast 2025 Projected Land Use: Presentation