City of El Paso, Ft. Bliss and School District Consortium: Working Together Towards Growth

An ongoing collaborated effort with focus on military growth, the Consortium is an initiative spearheaded by the City combining policymakers from the City, Fort Bliss and the School Districts. First formalized earlier this year, the Consortium meets monthly to discuss, plan and implement strategies that will prepare the region for growth and expansion at Fort Bliss.

The influx of military personnel and their families in the community presents an ideal opportunity for the Consortium to proactively and collectively plan for this growth. Planning efforts specific to services and facilities in public education have been identified as a high priority. The Consortium serves as a vital planning network that provides support to the military installation. By forging this relationship, community leadership can interactively plan to meet the needs of the military student population now and in the future.

As a measure of the merit in establishing a community-based coordinated effort, Fort Bliss and the El Paso Independent School District were recently recognized for their partnership with the "Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award" by the Military Child Education Coalition at their Annual Conference held in Houston. MCEC is a national nonprofit organization encouraging initiatives that build relationships with military institutions and their supporting school districts. Gen. David D, McKiernan, commanding general, U.S. Army Europe and Seventh Army, presented this prestigious award to Fort Bliss and the EPISD along with $5,000 in recognition and support of their partnership that continues to promote the importance of collaboration at a local and regional level.

The City, Fort Bliss and School District Consortium will continue to evaluate and assess opportunities to implement holistic policy direction. By highlighting critical factors such as public education and infrastructure demands the collaborative has facilitated a lasting regional partnership that invites the opportunity for military growth in our community.