Art and Sol Project Rotation

The El Paso Public Art Program launched the rotation of the Sun City’s treasured Art and Sol sculptures on Monday, October 1st.

With the end of the summer solstice, the Art and Sol exhibition will bid farewell to Cleveland Square Park, located downtown, and be moved indoors. The nine Sols created by local artists will be rotated and dispersed throughout the City of El Paso. The sculptures will be available for individual viewing after October 5th at the following locations:

Aguila o Sol
By: Francisco Delgado
Northeast Recreation Center
5301 Salem Dr.

Sunspots-The sun of all parts
By: Meralee Schlusselberg
Galatazan Recreation Center
650 Wallenberg Dr.

The Shining Desert Suns
By: Susan Klahr
Gary Del Palacio Center
3110 Parkwood

Garden Sun
By: David Nakabayashi
Marty Robbins Recreation Center
1160 Vista Del Sol

By: Mauricio Mora
City Hall
2 Civic Center Plaza

From the Sol
By: Geronimo Garcia
Carolina Recreation Center
563 N. Carolina
Seasons of the Sun
By: Carlos Callejo
Pavo Real Recreation Center
9301 Alameda Ave.

Corona Del Sol
By: Cesar Ivan
San Juan Senior Center
700 N. Glenwood St.

Sun and Sol
By: Aaron Mosley
Westside Community Center
7400 High Ridge Dr.