Storm 2006 Capital Project Update

As part of the ongoing initiative addressing the critical repair and reconstruction priorities that resulted from Storm 2006, three major projects reach the final stages of construction substantially improving stormwater management capabilities in the community.

The project providing street, utility and drainage improvements on Baltimore Street, Glory Road and Oregon Street is now open to traffic. Additionally, the James Watt and Lee Trevino project opens to traffic and repair work improving the Thunderbird Valley Channel also nears completion.

Baltimore Street/Glory Road

Construction on the complete sewer re-route benefiting the Baltimore, Glory Road and Oregon Street area, opened to traffic early October with substantial completion expected this month. The project scope consisted of the following improvements:

Installation of an underground system consisting of approximately 1,500 linear feet of a 6ft wide by 4ft high box culvert providing expanded water capacity
Storm system connection to the existing network in Glory Road
New curb and gutter, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, pavement structure and landscaping

Additional project highlights include:
James Watt & Lee Trevino

The James Watt & Lee Trevino project focused on various street and drainage improvements needed to alleviate flooding at this intersection. Prior lane closures throughout the construction period opened to traffic mid-October. Some additional drainage work is in progress; however, additional road closures are not anticipated.

The overall project scope featured the following enhancements:
New roadway pavement
Replacement of a concrete flume with energy dissipation structure to the Jesuit Basin
Installation of new sidewalk, driveways and fencing as necessary
Construction and placement of curb and gutter and ADA compliant ramps
Adjustments to utilities and medians

Additional project highlights include:
Thunderbird Valley Channel

Repair work required in the Thunderbird Valley Diversion Channel project is expected to complete ahead of schedule this November with the channel fully functional at this time. The scope of work provides for the efficient drainage flow through the channel and included the following improvements:
Removal and replacement of existing concrete channel lining
Removal and replacement of pavement structure and existing chain link fencing
Replacement of earthwork in scoured regions and pipe underdrains

Additional project highlights include: