Neighborhood Services:
Improving El Paso Neighborhoods

The City of El Paso’s Neighborhood Services, Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) is a vital element of the City’s ongoing effort to preserve and improve El Paso’s residential neighborhoods. The NIP is part of the overall Capital Budget that was approved by City Council in 2006. This program’s total budget is $1,000,000, of which each Representative District was allocated $125,000. City Council approved $528,260 worth of NIP projects throughout El Paso in the first round. Round II includes $471,740 worth of funding not spent in Round I. The remaining funds are broken down by Representative District as follows:

District 1 - $ 19,600 Remaining
District 2 - $ 79,600 Remaining
District 3 - $ 75,000 Remaining
District 4 - $ 55,140 Remaining
District 5 - $ 75,200 Remaining
District 6 - $115,800 Remaining
District 7 - $ 51,400 Remaining
District 8 - $125,000 allocated in Round I – No funds available in Round II

NIP funds are for permanent public improvements on City of El Paso property. Neighborhoods may be eligible to apply for funds of up to $50,000 for neighborhood public improvements. All NIP project requests must be submitted by the neighborhood’s Recognized Neighborhood Association (RNA). However, in such case where a neighborhood is not represented by an RNA, the neighborhood residents upon reaching a consensus may request an NIP proposal be submitted by the representing Civic Association.

You may download the application and guide from the City website:

NIP Application:
NIP Guide:

There is a mandatory Cost Estimate Workshop for all NIP applicants. The purpose of the workshop is to explain the process for obtaining cost estimates for your project. A total cost estimate for the project must be included in the project proposal. Only City of El Paso Engineering cost estimates will be accepted with the application. As project manager for all approved NIP projects, the city must adhere to all city and state regulations with regards to project expenditures.

If you require a hard copy of the guide and application or have any questions on the Program or workshop please call 541-4647 or email at

Application deadline is NOVEMBER 1, 2007

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