City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs and Economic Development Departments Announce Creative Cities Leadership Project Members

Thirty applicants have been selected for the Creative Cities Leadership Project (CCLP) 2006-2007. The twelve-month project, under the guidance of world-renowned economist Dr. Richard Florida, commenced in August with an introductory session. Those selected will act as creative change agents and develop positive initiatives that lead to the growth of the creative sector and the enhancement of the economic vitality of the city of El Paso.

The CCLP selected members are:

Dr. Stanley Ball
Dr. John Bretting
Gosh Amit Kumar
Susie Byrd
Veronica Castro
Peter Cooper
Fred Dalbin
Alix Nicole Duchouquette
Veronica Escobar
Carlos Gallinar
Miguel Angel Gamino
Michael Guerra
Sergio Guerrero
Enrique Valadez
Rene Hurtado
Steven Ingle
Betty Jaraba
Eileen Karlsruher
Edward McCormick
Marina Monsisvais
Manuel Pacillas
Pete Parraz
Morris Pittle
Gwendolyn Lizette Pulido
Carolyne Redic
Carol Roberts-Spence
Selena N. Solis
Dr. Michael Tomor
Barbara Walker
Dr. Julie Wong
Retired Professor of Mathematics
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Border Senses
City Council Member
Convention and Visitors Bureau
El Paso County Government
Dalbin and Wright Architects
Community Scholars
Centro de Salud familiar La Fe
Varay Systems
El Paso Greater Chamber of Commerce
Self-employed - Environmental Services
El Paso Parks and Recreation
Time Warner Cable
Creative Kids
El Paso Diocese
CSA Engineers
McCormick Architecture LLC
Red Bull North America
Texas Gas Services
Two Ton Creativity
Kemp Smith LLP
Victory Chapel Ministries
Federal Public Defender
City of El Paso Museum of Art
Cisco Systems

The CCLP is an initiative of the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) in partnership with the City of El Paso Department of Economic Development and co-sponsored by:

El Paso Electric Company
The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Texas Gas Services
El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)
Downtown Management District (DMD)