Storm Property Damages
Public advised to utilize professionals in repairs and refurbishing

As the reconstruction of homes and businesses is now in effect to address the damages the recent Storm has left behind, the Development Services Department reminds the public that professional results can be obtained when using a contractor that is registered and bonded.

Contact DSD first
When initiating the reconstruction of property, it is important to remember most construction work does require permits, and that the Building Permits and Inspections Division is on-hand at 541-4558 to provide any information regarding project building code requirements.

A great deal of the damage to properties has been with electrical systems, both residential and commercial. Motors, switches, relays, receptacles and wiring have been waterlogged and are failing, arcing or shorting out, causing a loss of electrical service or fire hazard. Flood damaged electrical service and devices require a registered and bonded electrician to evaluate the extent of the damage and install replacement parts.

Many Natural gas systems in structures have been damaged, causing the piping to become contaminated. The result of this contamination is causing regulators and meters to become inoperative and therefore in need replacement. This replacement requires a plumbing contractor or Gas company technician to do the work.

Similarly water piping and sewer lines that were displaced or broken require a plumbing contractor to replace them. The water line repairs require inspection to assure proper connection to maintain a potable water system. The sewer lines also require inspection to maintain proper sanitation and disposal.

The City of El Paso will be field checking workmen or contractors for City registration and bond status. This field check will apply to out of town contractors or tradesmen as well as local tradesmen. Ask the person doing your repair work if they are registered and bonded with the city. Use those contractors who are. Although there is an urgency to get repairs started, it should not be done at the risk of having unprofessional work or non-compliant work performed.

Some of the storm damage repair work that would not require permits is:

RESIDENTIAL work that involves:

COMMERICAL work that involves: By contacting DSD, any uncertainty about a tradesman's registration or bonding information can be clarified. Using contractors that are registered or licensed will facilitate the repair and refurbishing of your home or business.
For more information please contact the DSD Business Center at
541-4600 or 541-4700