Downtown Construction: CBD III Update

Despite some recent delays due to weather conditions, the CBD III City initiative reconstructing major streets in the Downtown area still remains on schedule for overall completion.

Effective Friday, July 28th, Mesa from Main to Texas became the latest project in this initiative to successfully complete and open to traffic. The project included basement reconstructions and the removal and replacement of existing asphalt pavement with concrete, sidewalks, and existing traffic signals and street lighting. The improvement project also upgraded all existing water and sanitary sewer lines.

Current projects underway with a projected construction time of 4 months include:

Resources for Business Owners
El Paso Business First, a division of the City Economic Development Department, is a centralized resource center extending specialized services to existing business owners in the community. The program is ready to assist businesses with finance, training and development tools by working through a network of partners. Business owners are encouraged to call 541-4670 for more information on how El Paso Business First can provide critical assistance for their specific needs.

Continual collaborated efforts with the contractor- JAR Concrete, Sun Metro, the Central Business Association, the utility companies, the business community and residents have enabled the Engineering Department to continue the scheduling of work in this initiative expeditiously.

** Construction updates will provided as projects begin and end in this initiative