Sun Metro. Committed to Safety, Bus Reliability, and Excellence in Customer Service

Sun Metro Excellence Outstanding Metropolitan System
Sun Metro is returning to the basics of transit. For over 20 years, Sun Metro has provided public transportation in the City of El Paso. This year marked an important historical juncture as, for the first time, Sun Metro received state-wide recognition by the Texas Transit Association with the Outstanding Metropolitan System Award for taking a leadership role in improving public transportation in the state of Texas.

Sun Metro is committed to ensuring the community has a safe, reliable, clean bus driven by a professional coach operator that practices excellence in customer service.

Sun Metro Staff As prices at the pump continue on the rise, Sun Metro reaffirms its commitment to providing the community with a viable transportation alternative. In a year’s time, the system achieved great performance-based successes driven by a 12% increase in on-time performance, a 72% decrease in missed service and an over 20% reduction in road calls (fixed-route). Sun Metro’s customer-focused vision continues to reclaim the public’s confidence in mass transit, leading to an over 7% increase in ridership through April of this year and will continue to play an increasing role as the City moves towards achieving its goal of becoming the least transit-dependent city in the nation.

Meeting a Wide-Range of Passenger Needs
Sun Metro is proactive in its efforts to ensure passenger safety. Staff is taking customer service to the next level with ongoing training opportunities coupled with growing partnerships with advocacy organizations for the disabled and elderly. Sun Metro’s commitment to creating a highly visible safety training program recently earned the Department recognition and a rebate check totaling $77,603 from the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool for achieving a 48% decrease in accident claims filed, decreasing both the frequency and severity of accident claims since the 2005-2006 coverage period.

In addition, Over 600 mobility devices in a variety of shapes and sizes exist in the market today. As a result Sun Metro has launched the Passenger Safe Ride Program to ensure our professional Coach Operators are able to properly secure passengers with mobility devices according to ADA securement guidelines.

Sun Metro encourages passengers to take advantage of this program and contact safety staff to set up an appointment to assess whether securement straps are recommended to secure their mobility device.

Passenger Safe Ride Program: 534-5812