Department of Public Health Profile: Public Health Preparedness

The Department of Public Health is committed to keeping residents informed on the programs and services it offers the community.

Who do you serve?

The Public Health Preparedness program serves the entire El Paso community through its planning, education and response efforts. At the same time, our educational presentations can be tailored to suit various audiences such as families, businesses, children, seniors and bilingual audiences.

How does this program protect the health of the El Paso community? What is your mission?
Our program helps to ensure that our community will be prepared in the event of a public health emergency. Events such as these may include bioterrorism, natural disasters, disease outbreaks and pandemic influenza. We provide educational presentations to the community letting people know what they can do to help protect their family during a disaster. We also educate people n what steps they can take to help prevent the spread of disease during an outbreak. In the event of a pubic health emergency, our staff will help ensure that our community receives the necessary medications and medical supplies, as well as clear guidance and information. While our focus in on preparedness planning, prevention and education, should our community be faced with a disaster, we will respond and help establish leadership, direction, assessment and coordination of activities related to public health.