Department of Public Health Profile: Texas Vaccines for Children

The Department of Public Health offers a profile of this vital service for the community.

Whom do you serve?
All six Department of Public Health Centers, 107 Private Healthcare Providers, Headstart, and local School Districts.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to increase vaccine coverage levels, improve the immunization rates, and to reduce the burden of vaccine preventable diseases.

What services does this program provide?
This program supplies free vaccines to health care providers in El Paso, Horizon, Vinton, Fabens, Canutillo, San Elizario and surrounding areas. This enables TVFC providers to provide immunization services at a low cost/free to our community, thus enabling thousands of children to have access to affordable immunizations. This is accomplished through a network of support with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and with support from private and public entities such as the LHD. The TVFC program manages the vaccine distribution process for 113 TVFC providers to ensure they have all the recommended vaccines available to provide immunization services to our community. This process includes monitoring vaccine usage and ordering vaccines, minimizing the risk of vaccine wastage, and compiling and submitting monthly biological reports to Austin. TVFC Program provides ImmTrac Immunization Registry training, an electronic Statewide Immunization Reporting System, to the TVFC providers in El Paso. We provide Vaccine Management training to new and existing TVFC providers to ensure they are in compliance with the Vaccine Management guidelines as per the Texas Vaccine for Children Operational Manual. The TVFC Program also conducts yearly Co-Casa audits which is a clinical software assessment tool to Daycares/Headstarts and Private/Public Schools in El Paso.

How does this program protect the health of the El Paso community?
Through community presentations and health fairs, this program provides the most current recommended immunization schedules, vaccine updates, and information regarding vaccine preventable diseases. The Texas Vaccines for Children Program also provides the community information regarding hours of operation, fees, and locations for the Department of Public Health Immunization services.