Curbside Recycling Program Receives Top Honors
Curbside Recycling Program Receives Top Honors The City Beat

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    Curbside Recycling Program Receives Top Honors

    Curbside Recycling Program Receives Top Honors The Curbside Recycling program of the City of El Paso Environmental Services Department has won two prestigious statewide awards.

    The Texas Public Works Association is recognizing the program with the John Teipel Award for Environmental Excellence and with the 2008 Project of the Year award for projects from $2 million to $10 million. The awards were presented at the Texas Public Works Association Awards Banquet in Galveston on June 13.

    The City launched its curbside recycling program a year ago in an effort to make El Paso a more environmentally-friendly community. The program began with the distribution of 160,000 96-gallon blue bins and the Drop It in The Blue recycling awareness campaign.

    The community response to the program has been phenomenal. During its first year El Pasoans recycled nearly 500 percent more materials than they did in all of 2006.

    First-year highlights:

    • El Pasoans recycled 34,285 tons.
    • About 72 percent of the recycled materials were paper products, such as cardboard, newspaper and junk mail. Plastic materials accounted for 7 percent of the materials, metal for 4 percent and the remaining 17 percent was residual or contaminated waste.
    • The program is averaging 647 tons per week.
    • Participation in the program is about 85 percent.
    • The recycling program has extended life of the Clint landfill by about two years.
    • City revenue earned from the recycling program is about $1.3 million.

    first year recycling highlights

    Second-year goals:
    • Increase the amount of waste collected for recycling to 45,000 tons.
    • Reduce the amount of residual waste through recycling awareness campaigns
    • Boost participation from single-family households beyond 85 percent.
    • Promote recycling and waste reduction among businesses and other public entities.
    • Continue to explore other avenues for recycling additional materials, such as electronics, glass and plastic bags.
    What can be recycled at the curb?

    Do recycle:
    • Cardboard and mixed paper, such as newspaper, officer paper, junk mail, magazines, phone books, shredded paper.
    • Plastic bottles and jugs with a #1 or #2 inside a triangle located on the bottom, such as water bottles, detergent bottles and milk jugs.
    • Aluminum foil as well as aluminum, steel, tin and bimetallic cans. Basically all beverage and food cans.
    Don't recycle:
    • Water hoses
    • Plastic bags
    • Dirty diapers
    • Liquids
    • Electronics.
    • Food
    • Yard waste
    • Hazardous waste.
    For more information about the Curbside Recycling program call the City of El Paso Environmental Services Department, at 621-6700 or visit:

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