Sun Metro to Launch University Express

Sun Metro will launch "University Express - Route 70" August 14, 2006 from the Eastside Transit Terminal to University Drive. Route 70 is an express route designed to address parking and traffic congestion in the central Medical Center, El Paso Community College Rio Grande Campus and University of Texas at El Paso areas.

University Express will operate Monday through Friday from 6:45 am - 9:45 pm. The first unit will depart the Eastside Transit Terminal located at 1165 Sunmount (behind Cielo Vista Mall) at 6:45 am and pull-in to the Terminal at 9:45 pm. The bus will service four stops along the route at the following locations (both inbound and outbound): Arizona and Oregon (Rio Grande Community College Campus); Oregon and Hague (Las Palmas Medical Center); Oregon in front of Providence Hospital; and Oregon and University (UTEP).

Funding for this route is paid in part by a grant from CMAQ -Congestion Mitigation Air Quality. This route offers the community a unique opportunity to park-and-ride from the Eastside across town every 30 minutes with limited stops. Parking at the Terminal is provided free of charge to passengers in a secure, lighted area. The cost to ride the University Express is as follows:

  • Standard / Express Fare
  • Day Pass
  • Students
  • Active Military with ID
  • Children 6-18
  • 65 years and older
  • Disabled / Medicare recipients
  • Children 5 and under
  • LIFT certified with LIFT ID
  • Fixed Route
  • Senior/Disabled
  • Student
  • $1.00 each way
  • $2.00 all day unlimited rides on Sun Metro Fixed Routes
  • .50 each way (with Sun Metro ID)
  • .50 each way
  • .50 each way
  • .30 each way
  • .30 each way (with Sun Metro ID)
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • $35.00
  • $10.00 (with Sun Metro ID)
  • $20.00 (with Sun Metro ID)

NOTE: Sun Metro photo ID required. IDs are available at the Sun Metro Union Plaza Transit Terminal only. Students of all ages qualify for the student rate of $0.50 if currently enrolled in any school, college, university, trade school, etc. Proof of enrollment (registration receipt, current student ID card, etc.) required, per valid period, at time of ID picture. Sun Metro ID card valid only during the current semester for which the student is enrolled or for the full school year if in elementary through high school. For Disabled/Medicare recipients, a Medicare Card or physician's certificate of disability is needed for a reduced-fare Sun Metro ID card. These IDs may be obtained at the Union Plaza Transit Terminal only. Call 533-3333 for more information.