SUN METRO: Back to Basics Pays Off
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    SUN METRO: Back to Basics Pays Off

    Sun Metro has made significant strides to ensure the community receives an increasingly "safe, reliable, clean bus driven by a professional coach operator that practices excellent customer service".

    Less than a year after the City of El Paso contracted First Transit to revamp the local bus system, the result is a major improvement in Sun Metro's service performance over last year's "summer melt down".

    Fiscal Year 2007 vs. Fiscal Year 2006
    SUN METRO PERFORMANCE (See comparison chart of service missed- page 2)


    In FY 2007 Sun Metro increased its maintenance funding to $2.5 million and purchased high quality or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to make necessary repairs on older buses. On time preventative maintenance soared to 97% (2nd qtr 2007) from a low of 22.5% (3rd qtr 2006) resulting in:
    • Increased on-time performance
    • Decrease in road-calls
    Sun Metro's Plans for FY 2008 include:
    • Operating budget of $49,909,233. (Budget includes service improvements and is equal to the FY 2007 adjusted budget)
    • Delivery of 20 natural gas powered NABI's (North American Bus Industry)
    • Delivery of 25 paratransit vehicles
    • Construction of $2.4 million fueling facility upgrade
    • Completion and implementation of long range transit study recommendations
    Transit Effectiveness and Improved Customer Service
    • Sun Metro is working with the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) to set up dedicated bus lanes with fewer bus stops which will encourage choice riders to make Sun Metro their transportation preference- "Bus Rapid Transit".
    • To ensure excellent customer service:
      • Customer service representative's schedules are in the process of being extended to mirror Sun Metro's fixed route service.
      • Transit Route Supervisors are staged at San Jacinto Plaza to ensure schedule adherence and to address customer concerns.

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