SUN METRO: Back to Basics Pays Off

Sun Metro has made significant strides to ensure the community receives an increasingly "safe, reliable, clean bus driven by a professional coach operator that practices excellent customer service".

Less than a year after the City of El Paso contracted First Transit to revamp the local bus system, the result is a major improvement in Sun Metro's service performance over last year's "summer melt down".

Fiscal Year 2007 vs. Fiscal Year 2006
SUN METRO PERFORMANCE (See comparison chart of service missed- page 2)


In FY 2007 Sun Metro increased its maintenance funding to $2.5 million and purchased high quality or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to make necessary repairs on older buses. On time preventative maintenance soared to 97% (2nd qtr 2007) from a low of 22.5% (3rd qtr 2006) resulting in: Sun Metro's Plans for FY 2008 include: Transit Effectiveness and Improved Customer Service