"Zoolightful Summer Reading List"

The El Paso Zoo and the Westside Barnes & Noble Bookstore have teamed up to create a list of wonderful books featuring stories about animals, many of which the El Paso Zoo currently exhibits. You can read about them first, and then visit the El Paso Zoo to experience the same animals face-to-face in the Zoo's shaded surroundings. There are many books to choose from in different age categories ranging from Toddlers and Pre-K/Kindergarten to Juveniles and Adults. There are also books written in Spanish along with those in English. Among the selections, you'll see stories of African animals - like zebras, lions and giraffes that are coming soon to the El Paso Zoo's African Savannah exhibit which is currently under construction. Take some time this summer to read a book - and then visit the exciting and awesome animals right up-close at the El Paso Zoo. Click on the following link to view the entire reading list: PDF Summer Reading List