Neighborhood Pride Program

The Neighborhood Pride Program is a collaborative effort between the City of El Paso and Keep El Paso Beautiful (KEPB). The purpose of this program is to assist registered neighborhood associations with annual clean-ups and beautification projects, in targeted areas, within an association boundary. The Neighborhood Pride Program aims to facilitate resident participation by offering recourses and support so that identified projects can be accomplished in an effective manner.

Neighborhood Associations that wish to participate in the Neighborhood Pride program need to contact Neighborhood Services, at 541-4643, to make sure their association is in compliance with the Neighborhood Recognition Ordinance. Once your association is found to be in compliance, your association then selects a proposed clean up site within your association's boundaries. The site that has been selected will then need to be approved KEPB. KEPB will make sure that the site is feasible and supported by Environmental Services and the Street Department Graffiti Abatement program. KEPB, in partnership with the El Paso Fire Department, provides El Pasoans with the KEPB Community Tool Sheds, which are "Lending Libraries" of clean up and beautification tools, available at all local Fire Stations throughout El Paso. KEPB and Neighborhood Services will work together to approve the clean up request to ensure there are no conflicts and that adequate city resources will be available to accommodate the participating neighborhood association in the clean up effort. Neighborhood Associations that participate in the Neighborhood Pride Program are making a commitment to partake in a neighborhood clean up annually and will work to promote this effort within their association and neighborhood. The Neighborhood Pride program will foster the capacity for residents to understand and develop a social consciousness for environmental issues. Neighborhood clean ups are simple in nature; however, over a period of time they help people understand the damaging effects that littering has on our community. A cleaner community environment increases safety, decreases health risks and increases the economic viability of ones neighborhood and community. Because El Paso has a poor history of practicing ecological preservation, the Neighborhood Pride Program is an effective tool to increase recycling and to reduce litter and illegal dumping. The Neighborhood Pride Program brings communities together, enabling them to unite and become one voice in an effort to improve their community environment. Please contact Keep El Paso Beautiful @ 544-KEPB for more information on the Neighborhood Pride Program.