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    Sun Metro: Beating the Heat

    Sun Metro has joined forces with the El Paso Extreme Weather Taskforce once again this summer. The Mass Transit Department assists the taskforce in the dissemination of information to the public, supports the fan donation program and assists emergency medical personnel with evacuations when requested.

    As the summer heat can affect all of us, it also affects the buses causing breakdowns, late arrivals and the potential elimination of scheduled runs. In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent in the sun, passengers are asked to call Sun Metro before leaving the indoors to check the status of the routes by calling the Sun Metro Information Services line at 533-3333. If individuals find themselves waiting at stops longer than 15 minutes, then they should contact the Information Services line to verify bus arrival times or alternate routes. When possible, Sun metro will dispatch another bus or another type of Sun Metro vehicle to transport any customers needing assistance.
    Sun Metro encourages everyone to prepare for the heat before leaving the indoors.

    • Carry an umbrella and a bottle of water when going outdoors
    • Drink plenty of water all of the time to remain hydrated especially when outdoors
    • Do not drink soft drinks or alcoholic beverages
    • Avoid long periods in the direct sun or in unventilated rooms
    • Avoid vigorous activity when it is hot and humid
    • Reschedule activities for cooler times of the day
    • Wear light-colored, lightweight, loose-fitting clothing
    • Wear a hat or other head covering when out in the sun
    • Wear sunscreen protection
    An aggressive effort is being made by Sun Metro to reduce mechanical failures and maintain published bus schedules. An aggressive plan to repair, refurbish, and replace the fleet is currently underway.

    A comprehensive repair program has been implemented for all Sun Metro vehicles. This program includes the addition of a third shift in the Maintenance Department with operations seven days per week/ twenty-four hours per day. Any required repairs and preventive maintenance are being performed on each unit.

    Twenty-five 1991 diesel buses are currently being refurbished to include the replacement of engines, transmissions, air conditioners, interiors and lifts. These units will hit the road this summer running on Compressed Natural Gas.

    A replacement program is also in development. A staggered purchasing pattern will be implemented to replace the aging fleet. This will be done to ensure that a manageable number of buses can be replaced once reaching life expectancy of 12 years. The cost of a new 40' bus is over $380,000.

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