Growling Good Time at the Tails of Africa Gala!

A Tail of Good Times at Zoo Gala!

Growling Good Time at the Tails of Africa Gala! Ask the Zoo guests - the "Tails of Africa" Gala was a smash! The El Paso Zoological Society has held a gala each year since 1995. It gives the society a chance to raise money to help the zoo, and the guests a chance to wear their jungle print and pith helmets! Paul Foster - the president of Western Refining Company was this year's gala chair for the May 20th event. Kathleen Mason, the executive director of the Zoo Society, says the theme was chosen to honor the zoo's upcoming African expansion.

A formal reception was held in the Asia area with "A Taste of The Wild" catering the event. Guests raved about the food! Peri Peri Chicken, Peli Peli sauce, Roasted Red Pepper Salad with Harissa (African Hot Sauce). They decided not to serve the traditional African dishes: Fried Boa Constrictor, or the Cane Rat. (Can you imagine?!)

The food was researched by Sandra & Scott Wakitsch from the "A Taste of the Wild" concessionaire. They also do catered events at the zoo. Would you believe "I Do at the Zoo?" Yep, there have been weddings here. For Scott and Sandra it's just some of their event-planning magic at work.

Partygoers were privy to the debut of the new fish at the aquariums. El Paso Zoo Society President Ceci Miles Mulvihill announced that the Helen of Troy Aquarium Gallery" has been re-glamorized to include "warm water" fish and they made their big debut during the Gala. Zoo-goers were able to see Butterfly fish, Hawkfish and Zebra Moray eels swimming amongst the beautiful colored coral.

Guests enjoyed the music of the Franklin High School Jazz Combo and Taumbu - an African drums group. All in all, a wonderful evening. So, is the Zoo Society ready for next year's party? You betcha!