Your Zoo…on the Go!

El Paso Zoo comes to you with our Traveling Safari

Your Zoo…on the Go! Traveling Safari brings the Zoo to you!! Whether it's a visit by a fuzzy grey chinchilla or a Texas tan tarantula, both kids and adults can explore the world of animals and conservation through the Zoo's Traveling Safari program. It's also a great way to introduce students to zoos and animals before a zoo visit. There is live animal contact, animal bio-facts and age-tailored educational programs for your entire group. Visit our website for a list of Traveling Safari animals.

Want a Traveling Safari to come to you? Our form is online at Go to the site index at the top of the page and scroll down to Traveling Safari. Download our form and Fax it back to us at least 30 days in advance. Fax: 915-521-1889. Give us 2-3 days to confirm your request has been received. Questions? Call Anne Langenfeld at 532-8156. By mail: Zoo Education, 4001 E. Paisano, EP, TX 79905. Please allow 5-10 working days for processing. (First come, first served.)

Our Safari Experience: Zoo animals can only stay at your location for up to 3 hours and must stay in cool areas. The latest time for a live animal program is 2 p.m. Programs are @ 45 minutes. (40 students max). We do not offer programs in non-classroom settings like Gymnasium career fairs. For more info on other nature-related presentations, visit the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition from the site index at Are you a School Teacher? Education programs for public & private schools are Free! Visit Call 532-8156.

Want to visit the zoo? Teachers - before you bring your group, first make your reservation with the Front Gate: 521-1852. Info/tours: 532-8156 or fax requests to Anne Langenfeld at 915-521-1889. Special conservation projects for students? Contact the Curator of Education: Rick LoBello (915) 351-5340 or write

Traveling Safari Programs (Students are allowed to only touch certain animals)
"Animal Wrappers"
Target Age: Pre Kinder & Kinder
Ages 3 and up. Investigates the outer coverings of invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals through the use of educational bio-facts. Interactive. Live animals represent fur, feathers and scales.

"Which Is It"
Target Age: 1st Grade
Introduces the characteristics of vertebrates. Students meet representatives of different animal groups and learn to classify animals by sight.

"El Paso's Venomous Animals"
Target Age: All Ages
Learn how to identify & recognize venomous animals of the area - through slides & live animals. Snakebite prevention measures are also covered. Live inverts and snakes only. Please provide a viewing screen.

"Rain Forest Revenues"
Target Age: 4th Grade
An in-depth look at rain forest plants and how we can stop the destruction. Live animals help to reinforce the program. Includes a slide show, please provide a screen.

"Desert Food Web"
Target Age: 5th Grade
Who eats what? This program introduces students to the local Chihuahuan desert, its wildlife and survival strategies. Students will meet local wildlife and their relatives.

"HIPPO and Its Effects on Asian Animals"
Target Age: 6th Grade
This program is presented at the El Paso Zoo's Asian area. It teaches endangered animal causes and how we can help. HIPPO stands for the five for animal endangerment. Habitat (loss), Introduced (species), Population (growth), Pollution and Over consumption.