City Approves New Taxi Rate Revisions

As of May 23, 2006, the City Council has approved an increase in current taxicab service rates, helping to address the increasing demands of fuel costs and other economic factors within the industry.

An amendment to an ordinance under Title 6, Vehicles for Hire, has been approved that will increase taxi rates within the city. The increases come after continual meetings with individuals within the taxi industry, City Staff and City Council Representatives that sought to modernize the standards of current regulations within this specialized area of transportation service. The recommended increase will assist in better compensating workers providing this service in light of the ever increasing costs of fuel and other current factors affecting the market.

Highlights of the revised rates for taxicab service include:

Additional items still under consideration for further action by City Council consist of the following: "This overall ongoing initiative is intended to modernize and improve efficiencies within the day-to-day operations in the taxicab service industry," said Alan Shubert, Director of Development Services.