DSD to go Paperless: Update

Progress continues in this first of its kind Development Services initiative to become a paperless operation.

On Monday, May 1st the Building Permits & Inspections Division (BP&I) of Development Services initiated the first stage of becoming a paperless operation. All new issuances are now digitally captured to provide faster and more efficient documenting capabilities. Customers of BPI in need of scanned official documents will be able to attain copies quicker or can be emailed upon request with information now instantaneously available, to include:

The "El Paso Paperless Initiative" consists of a formulated Multi-Phased Plan. Critical items have been identified to guide this ongoing process of implementation including: **For item details and project progress summary PDF click here

Download the document using Acrobat Reader (free software-click on logo below)
Adobe Acrobat

The project will save an extensive amount of paper resources upon execution, providing an additional environmental and cost incentive throughout its implementation.