Engineering Department Introduces New Traffic Circle

Engineering Department Introduces New Traffic Circle The Engineering Department has implemented the first City project to feature a "traffic circle," providing an innovative alternative to calm traffic in neighborhoods.

Traffic control in residential areas within the community is of utmost importance to safe neighborhood livability. The Engineering Department has included a new traffic circle feature along the streets of Roundrock and Captain Valtr to serve as an effective traffic-calming device within this area. The traffic circle is now open to the public and serves as a mechanism to decrease and stabilize speed while keeping fluidity of ongoing traffic, increase safety and enhance character within this neighborhood.

Highlights of the implementation and special features of the project include:

Commonly a design feature in European streets, the implementation of traffic circles contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a community. The new traffic circle will provide incentives to the neighborhood and community that beautify the area while focusing on the underlying improvement of traffic control in the city.