Staying in Compliance With City Codes: Information Every Homeowner Should Know

Summer has arrived! Who can resist being outside riding a bike, taking the dogs for a walk or strolling along neighborhood sidewalks? Not too many people because many El Pasoans are out and about enjoying our wonderful weather and beautiful evenings. As a homeowner and/or occupant of any property within the city limits you have some responsibilities that you may be unaware of to help keep our neighborhoods clean, safe and healthy so everyone can enjoy them.

Here is a list of the top 10 City Ordinances that are broken by Homeowners and/or occupants of property in the city limits.

Step out onto your porch or just stand in the middle of your property and see if you are in compliance with these city ordinances. It is important that each and every homeowner and/or occupant of a home realize the importance of being in compliance with the law. For our neighborhoods to be safe, clean and healthy we all need to be made aware of our responsibilities and then take action where needed. Working together, we can make our neighborhoods safe and clean for lots of summer fun!!
Here are some important numbers that can help you:
Graffiti Hot Line - 621-6789
Code Enforcement - 541-4386
Report Illegal Dumpers - 541-4386
Environmental Health - 860-2784
Water Conservation Enforcement - 594-5508
Illegal Storm Water Discharge Hotline - 1-877-ID Flows

For more information please visit the City website,, to review city municipal codes.