Meadows Foundation Donates Toward El Paso Zoo

More Zoo news! Teaching kids at the zoo is a priority, and now construction on an education facility at the zoo is getting a monetary boost. Kathleen Mason, the Executive Director of the El Paso Zoological Society is proud to announce that they have received a $131,000 matching grant donation from The Meadows Foundation for education facilities to be constructed in the new entrance complex at the El Paso Zoo. This grant will join the $125,000 grant received from the Wolslager Foundation for the education animal holding area also included in the education facilities.

Meadows Foundation

Mission: The Meadows Foundation exists to assist people and institutions of Texas improve the quality and circumstances of life for themselves and future generations. Vision: The Meadows Foundation strives to exemplify the principles of its founder in addressing basic human needs by working toward the elimination of ignorance, hopelessness and suffering, protecting the environment, providing cultural enrichment, encouraging excellence and promoting understanding and cooperation among people.