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This follwing tells the story of one of many homes that the Department of Community and Human Development - Housing Division has torn down in order to resurrect a brand new home for a low-income family in our community.

The Bertolli family approached the Housing Division and applied for a rehabilitation loan for their home. When the staff visited the home for an inspection, it revealed that the home was too damaged for a rehab project. The home would have to be demolished and replaced with a brand new home. Needless to say, the family was thrilled to hear that they would receive a "brand new" home at a very low cost. The family was offered a new replacement home on the original site under the same terms as the rehabilitation loan. Through opportunities from the Federal Government and the City of El Paso, many low-income homeowners that need assistance with their home have the chance to improve their quality of life.

Morehead Home (shown "BEFORE" construction) Pictures illustrate the outside, inside and rooftop of the family's home.

The CDBG Program is an important element in the City's campaign to promote affordable housing for low- income families, as it helps to produce affordable housing for tenants and homebuyers.

Since the inception of the CDBG Program, the City has used CDBG funds to assist over 4,000 dwelling units. Funds have been used for rehabilitation and construction of both rental housing and owner-occupied homes.

The Housing Division works in concert with the CDBG program to help these El Paso families. The Housing Division has assisted in the construction of 120 "New" homes for low-income homebuyers and single women. Some of the programs that are available through the Housing Division are: The Housing Division is also involved with the First Time Buyer Assistance Program. In 2005, over 201 families were assisted through the First Time Buyer Assistance program. Individuals interested in this Program may first apply with the YWCA Home Ownership Center (577-2530) or El Paso Credit Union Affordable Housing (838-9608) or contact the Community & Human Development Offices for more information.

For more information on any of the HOME Programs, please contact the Housing Division at (915) 541-4639.