Important Notice for all Persons With Claims Against ASARCO

ASARCO LLC, the company that owns the copper smelter in El Paso, filed bankruptcy in Corpus Christi, Texas, case no. 05-21207.

PLEASE BE AWARE that the Bankruptcy Court has recently set a deadline of August 1, 2006 by which creditors and claimants must file written claims against Asarco and its related companies. This deadline may affect the legal rights that area citizens and businesses may have against Asarco and its related companies. If a person or business does not file a written claim against Asarco by August 1, 2006 and has been required to do so by the Bankruptcy Court, then in the future that person and business may be forever legally barred and prevented from asserting a claim against Asarco and its property.

If you have a claim against Asarco or its related companies for environmental contamination, environmental damage or injury, or any other matter arising prior to Asarco's bankruptcy filing, you should consider filing a written claim (called a "Proof of Claim") against Asarco by the August 1, 2006 bar date. The Bankruptcy Court has set specific procedures for filing a Proof of Claim and has approved a general Proof of Claim form, which are available at or by calling Trumbull Group, the Court-appointed Asarco claims agent, at (860) 687-3174 (9 a.m.-5 p.m. eastern time).

You may wish to consult with your own attorney regarding this matter. This notice is being provided by the City of El Paso as a public service for its citizens and in no way constitutes legal advice. The City of El Paso assumes no responsibility whatsoever through the publication of this notice to the public. The City of El Paso may not represent individual citizens and their potential claims in this matter, and is providing this information merely as a matter of public service.